• Do you have a technical question or want to find developer community resources?

    If you've got a question or hit a snag, these resources are the best ways to get answers:

    • For help with technical questions, visit Stack Overflow and find answers from the smart home developer community under the 'google-smart-home' tag.
    • Join the discussion and collaborate on the official Reddit community.
  • Do you want to report a bug or send feedback?

    You can report issues or send us feedback through our public issues tracker:

  • Are there use cases for devices you want to enable?

    We are growing our device types and traits. Check out our reference section for launched device traits and device types. Use the links below to let us know if you cannot find a type or trait you need.

  • Is your smart home Action stuck in review?

    If your smart home Action has been submitted and in review for more than a month without communication from us, please reach out so that we can help get you unstuck.

    Contact us

  • Are you looking for a Solution Provider to develop your smart home Action?

    We have a list of Solution Providers who have previously helped other companies develop smart home Actions. To see agencies in your region, please check out our Solution Providers list.