Test and submit an Action

Once you create a smart home Action, you should test the action. Then, you should share the smart home Action with additional people so that they can also test your Action.

Test an Action

To test your smart home Action:

  1. Go to the Actions console and select your project.

  2. On the Overview page, follow each section and fill in all of the informational fields for your project; most of these fields appear in the Assistant directory. Don't worry if you don't have all of the information finalized for your project. You can save your progress by clicking the SAVE button near the bottom of each page.

  3. From the top menu, click Develop and then Account linking in the left menu. You can set up authentication so that users can link their accounts to your Action.

  4. Link your Google account to your smart home agent using the Google Home app:

    1. Open the Google Home app.
    2. Click the + button.
    3. Click the Set up device button.
    4. Click the Have something already set up? button.
    5. Select your smart home Action from the list of providers.
    6. Sign in to your service.
  5. In the Actions console, click the Simulator button to test your app.

Share an Action

You can invite additional users to your project so they can test your smart home Action. To test your Action, your Actions project must contain at least one Action.

  1. Click the more_vert more icon in the upper right corner of the console.
  2. Click Manage user access. This redirects you to the Google Cloud Platform IAM permissions page.
  3. Click ADD at the top of the page.
  4. Enter the email address of the user you want to add.
  5. Click Select a role and choose Project < Viewer.
  6. Click SAVE.
The user is now able to see the Action in their console.

In order to enable testing, the user that you shared your project with must follow these steps:

  1. Open the shared project in the Actions console.
  2. Click Test to open the Actions simulator page.
  3. Click Start testing to enable testing the smart home Action on connected devices.

Submit an Action

After you have tested your smart home Action, you must use the smart home test suite. This test suite allows you to run tests for your smart home Action and then share the test results with Google.

Once you have run the smart home test suite and submitted the test results to Google, you need to submit your smart home Action.

To submit your smart home Action:

  1. Go to the Actions console and select your project.

  2. From the left navigation menu, select Deploy and then Release.

  3. From the Production section, click the SUBMIT FOR PRODUCTION button.

Analytics for an Action

Once your smart home Action is published, you gain access to directory statistics for your smart home Action in the Actions console.