App Actions and Android Slices

Let users launch your Android apps from the Assistant or pull relevant content into the Assistant.

Web and Content Actions

Mark up your web content to get rich Search results and build custom Assistant experiences.

  • Mark up your FAQ content with the FAQPage schema type so the Assistant can present it to users searching Google for that topic.
  • Present your how-to guides through the Assistant by marking up your content with the HowTo schema type.
  • Bring your news content to the Assistant by adding structured data to your AMP pages.
  • Expand your podcast's audience to the Assistant by structuring your podcast's RSS feed according to our guidelines.
  • Mark up your recipe content with structured data to provide rich results and host-specific lists for your recipes, such as reviewer ratings, cooking and preparation times, and nutrition information.

Smart home

Google smart home lets users control your connected devices through the Google Home app and the Google Assistant.

Conversational Actions

Build your own Conversational Actions for the most control over the user experience.

Build with Actions Builder and Actions SDK

  • Get guided, hands-on experience building Actions.
  • Use audio and Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) to create more natural sounding conversations.
  • Connect your users' Google accounts with user accounts in your authentication system to build richer, more personalized experiences.
  • Re-engage users with your Actions through scheduled daily updates and push notifications.

Build with Dialogflow or legacy Actions SDK

Publish and grow

  • Provide customized experiences for different languages and locales to reach the most users possible or build catered experiences for specific areas.
  • Follow these policies and guidelines to ensure a smooth approval process.

Solutions for partners