Enhance your web presence for Search and the Assistant

Give users richer experiences on Google Search and the Assistant by marking up your existing web content or creating new content with our easy-to-use templates.

For web developers

Mark up your web content with structured data

Mark up content that can be eligible for rich results in Google Search using Schema.org. By doing so, we'll automatically generate an Action for the Assistant with the marked up content.

Supported content types


Expand your podcast’s audience to the Assistant by structuring your RSS feed according to our guidelines.


Mark up your recipe content to provide rich results such as cooking times and nutrition information.


Bring your news content to the Assistant by providing structured data.


Mark up your FAQ page so we can present your content to users who search Google for your topic.

How-to guides

Mark up your step-by-step instructional guides to appear on the Assistant and Search.

How-to videos

Add the steps from your how-to-video to a Google Sheet to create a corresponding Action.

For content creators

Get started quickly with prebuilt templates

Make a fun, interactive experience on the Assistant by filling out a simple spreadsheet — no coding needed.

Supported content types

News and resources

Enhance Your Search and Assistant Presence with Structured Data (Google I/O'19)

Structured data codelab

This codelab walks you through adding structured data to a HTML site.

See how easy it is to build flash cards with templates

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