public interface TransformationGestureDetector
Known Indirect Subclasses

This interface was deprecated in API level .
Will be removed in release 1.6. Functionality has been merged into TransformationSystem.

Detects various gestures used for transforming the position, rotation, and scale of Nodes.

Public Methods

abstract DragGestureRecognizer
abstract PinchGestureRecognizer
abstract TwistGestureRecognizer
abstract void
onTouch(HitTestResult hitTestResult, MotionEvent motionEvent)

Public Methods

public abstract DragGestureRecognizer getDragRecognizer ()

public abstract PinchGestureRecognizer getPinchRecognizer ()

public abstract TwistGestureRecognizer getTwistRecognizer ()

public abstract void onTouch (HitTestResult hitTestResult, MotionEvent motionEvent)


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