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Call for collaborators

From time to time, we invite developers to collaborate with us on ARCore APIs currently in development. There are currently no open calls for collaborators.

Past calls for collaborators include:

Depth API

As of January 2020, the Depth API call for collaborators is closed.

Depth provides a 3D understanding of a given scene through a real-time, pixel-by-pixel representation of the distance to physical surfaces in the camera's view. This information is aggregated into a depth map, which developers can use to create more immersive AR experiences that allow virtual objects to interact with the real world.

We've started to explore how this technology can more accurately render virtual objects in context to their environment through occlusion, and are excited to see additional ways this technology can be used. For instance, depth can also be used to create interactive experiences where you can hide behind real world obstacles and bounce virtual projectiles off of walls; or to create realistic AR snowstorms in which virtual snowflakes can collect on top of real world surfaces.

Persistent Cloud Anchors

As of January 2020, the persistent Cloud Anchors call for collaborators is closed.

Persistent Cloud Anchors allows you to create a 3D feature map of a scene, place anchors onto that 3D feature map, and then resolve those anchors across multiple devices. Persistent anchors, in particular, have the ability to last over an extended period of time.

Examples of use cases:

  • Working together on a redesign of your home throughout the year

  • Leaving AR notes for your friends around an amusement park

  • Hiding AR objects at specific places around the world to be discovered by others