Notable Script Libraries

Below is a list of very useful Script Libraries created by our top contributors and other community members. (Disclaimer: These libraries are not developed by Google.  Although we're highlighting it here, as with any third-party scripts, we can't offer support or guarantee their security.)

National Weather Service

by Gustavo Moura

This library allows querying for maximum temperature, minimum temperature and precipitation predictions based on address. It uses National Weather Service's XML feed. See documentation here.

Project Key: MboddKgXEUjdhPcUtXNjfyS5VdJBoJ-NW


by Romain Vialard

This library provides specific methods to work with 2-dimensional arrays. Users can sort and filter an array by a string, a time range or a numeric range, count the number of rows matching a specific criteria and a lot more. See example here.

Project Key: MOHgh9lncF2UxY-NXF58v3eVJ5jnXUK_T


by James Ferreira -

If you use Fusion Tables you need this library. It has a full set of methods to manage your interaction with the Fusion Tables API. It has all the CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) you need plus a search feature. See example here.

Project Key: MvWtfr_EeFejMJ4-9KYcpx0F7jOZt2NQ8


by James Ferreira -

Read access to Google Plus. Bring your G+ people right into your Google Apps Script and display information about their profile and posts. See example here.

Project Key: M3bZE0jKpH5YRRrzqUt9Ba9kh30YExdAc


by James Ferreira -

This library allows you to test your code using assertions. It is built from the same framework as other popular code testing platforms like QUnit, JUnit and JSUnit. See example here.

Project Key:  MIUhnnCDES0N3YHPEWX9DUtkh30YExdAc


by James Ferreira -

This Library takes the work out of using OAuth. It has one method getAuth(' <Google API Name>', optUserScope) and works with all of the Google APIs. See example here.

Project Key: MM5uQxqjwkMiuJW2zE50SgUF7jOZt2NQ8


by James Ferreira -

Has methods to convert spreadsheet values to objects and back again. Very useful when creating a UIApp form that you would like the values to be written in a spreadsheet according to your column names. See example here.

Project Key: MTeYmpfWgqPbiBkVHnpgnM9kh30YExdAc


by Romain Vialard

This services provides access to Picasa and the photos and albums from your own gallery. Users can create and manage photos and albums. See example here.

Project Key: M4_STIXUlBANK7DGOzGApRljzL90iNPPq


by Romain Vialard

This library provides methods to create pivot charts. Users can create insightful charts from spreadsheet data or form responses and get them as images or display them in a UI along with interactive controls to manipulate the data they display. See example here.

Project Key: MqBhUo6yuYMuVbzChXKU8kuVJ5jnXUK_T


by James Ferreira -

Your Google Apps Script tool kit with more than 40 methods. This library helps you write less code by adding tons of helper methods. Some of the Array methods are: _contains, _filter, _sortBy, _tail. In objects: _keys, _values, _methods and the list goes on. See example here.

Project Key: MiC3qjLYVUjCCUQpMqPPTWUF7jOZt2NQ8


by James Ferreira -

This library will help you manage complex workflows in Google Apps Script. It has the ability to create dynamic workflows that allow for modifying the order and number of steps even after the workflow process has started. See example here.

Project Key: MKQzEG9-oreRdj9sFQOCMUNkh30YExdAc


by James Ferreira -

This library connects to YouTube with a set of methods to read different kinds of video feeds.You can easily create an app that gets the name of today’s top video, its statistical data, and more. Perfect if you need to collect and analyze data in a spreadsheet. See example here.

Project Key:  MPoWa-rfeTXyfYKM1D9p9qUF7jOZt2NQ8

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