Google Apps Script Video Library

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The following videos show a variety of ways to use Google Apps Script. The first video introduces Apps Script while the others highlight specific use cases. Each video generally walks through a short sample app to give you a jump start in trying specific platform features.

Another Google (Apps) secret?

The Google Workspace collaborative tools help professionals become more productive and efficient. Many developers out there don't realize that there's a platform which lets you write apps that make the most of Google Workspace. This video blows the lid off this "secret" so you too can harness the power and versatility of Google Apps Script.

(Running time: 7:24)

Accessing Google Maps from a spreadsheet?!?

No, accessing Google Maps from a spreadsheet isn't a parlor trick. This video describes various scenarios where this is useful and, more importantly, shows how to create maps from addresses stored in a Google Sheet using Apps Script's Maps service.

(Running time: 10:47)

(A day at the office) Automating YouTube stats with Google Apps Script

Have you ever been asked by your boss to do something simple but long and tedious, such as tallying up the view counts for your corporate videos and perhaps your competitors'? This is a laborious task that's easily handled from a Google Sheet with the help of Apps Script and its YouTube Data advanced service.

(Running time: 7:31)

This feature is also described in the blog post “Automating YouTube stats with Google Apps Script”.

Auto-generating Google Forms

Love how you can use Google Forms to poll your colleagues or create a pop quiz for students? Creating 1, 5, or even 10 Forms by hand may be reasonable, but what if you needed to create 100s or 1000s? This video shows you how to use Apps Script's Forms service to help you scale, giving you the ability to generate them programmatically.

(Running time: 6:22)

This feature is also described in the blog post “Auto-generating Google Forms”.

Generating Google Slides from images

Slide shows have come a long way, from hand shadows in caves to today's generation of presentation software. One relatively recent innovation is the ability to create applications that automate creating & updating presentations. With the Slides Service in Apps Script, coding presentations has made it to the cloud! In less than 5 minutes, we show you how to create a slide deck from a set of images (one image per slide). Once you know how to use this service, let your imagination run wild with what you can do with it!

(Running time: 4:49)

This feature is also described in the blog post “Generating Google Slides from images”.

Expediting expense reports with Gmail Add-ons

Add-ons let you extend Gmail as well as integrate functionality from your app into Gmail's user interface. In this video, learn about the ExpenseIt! Gmail Add-on, helping working professionals process receipts directly from their inbox into a Sheet, creating one place to complete their expense reports. Build the add-on piece-by-piece with its corresponding codelab.

(Running time: 5:18)

This feature is also described in the blog post “Gmail add-ons framework now available to all developers”.

Making progress (bars) with Slides Add-ons

Google Slides doesn't have progress bars. Wouldn't this be a useful feature for both presenters as well as audiences? In this video, developers learn how to implement simple progress bars by using the Slides Service to create an add-on. With this add-on, users can enable or hide progress bars in their presentations. The code and a full description of this add-on can be found in the documentation as a Quickstart example.

(Running time: 4:12)

This feature is also described in the blog post “Making progress (bars) with Slides Add-ons”.

Developing apps for Google Chat

One of the easiest ways to create and deploy a Google Chat app within your organization is by using Apps Script. After you use it to complete our Quickstart, check out this video where you'll learn more about the app framework and see an app featuring interactive cards implemented in Apps Script (as well as Python App Engine). Once you've got this working, move on to our self-paced Apps Script codelab to build an app that interacts with Gmail & Google Calendar.

(Running time: 10:38)

From big data analysis to slide presentation

Some think Google Workspace is a group of productivity tools, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) a set of cloud computing resources, and there's no interoperability between them. This video proves otherwise. Both Google Workspace & GCP live under the Google Cloud umbrella, and both are for developers. GCP's BigQuery is great for doing big data analysis, but "that's only 80%." At the end of the day, you still have to justify your results to management. Go the final mile and pipe those results into Google Sheets, create a chart from that data, and finish the job with an "exec-ready" Google Slides presentation featuring the data and that chart!

(Running time: 8:25)

This feature is also described in the blog post “Code that final mile: from big data analysis to slide presentation”.