Apps Script Execution API

The Apps Script Execution API is a REST interface that lets a third-party application call a function defined in an Apps Script project and receive a response. This API lets you expose the full utility of Apps Script to any application, including Android and iOS apps.

Typical use cases

The Apps Script Execution API has several applications, including:

  • Fetching data from a Google Doc or Sheet into an application.
  • Composing, updating or deleting a Google Doc, Sheet, Form or Drive file from an application.
  • Allowing an application to use a script to handle interactions between Google Apps, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive and the Admin-SDK.
  • Calling Apps Scripts from mobile devices.

Get started

Read more about Using the Execution API.

To set up your environment and get started right away with the API, build a sample script and then try one of the quickstarts:

You can also explore the API reference.

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