Keyboard Shortcuts

The App Maker Editor provides a variety of shortcuts for common actions.

Global Shortcuts

Cmd/Ctrl-HGlobal Search
F9Preview app

Page Editor Shortcuts

DeleteDelete selected widgets
Cmd/Ctrl-CCopy selected widgets
Cmd/Ctrl-VPaste widgets
Cmd/Ctrl-XCut selected widgets
Cmd/Ctrl-IShow/Hide Logic Inspector
Shift-Click + DragBox select multiple widget
Option-ClickAdd/Remove widget from selected widgets
Arrow keysNudge selected widgets one pixel in direction of key
Shift and arrow keysNudge selected widgets ten pixels in direction of key
Double-click widgetOpen special editor for widget, if supported
Enter/ReturnOpen special editor for selected widget, if supported
Cmd/Ctrl while draggingDisable snap-to-guideline feature
Right-click or Shift-F10Open widget specific context menu
Note: If you're using Firefox, press the Menu key on your keyboard to open the widget specific context menu.

Code Editor Shortcuts

Ctrl-SpaceOpen auto-completion dropdown
Note: If you're using Chrome OS and you have more than one language enabled, use Ctrl-Search-Space to open the auto-completion dropdown.
Cmd/Ctrl-EnterOpen auto-completion documentation
Cmd/Ctrl-CCopy selected text
Cmd/Ctrl-VPaste text from clipboard
Cmd/Ctrl-XCut selected text
Cmd/Ctrl-FFind within code editor
Cmd/Ctrl-GFind next
Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-GFind previous
Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-FReplace within code editor
Ctrl-SlashLine comment/uncomment
Ctrl-Alt-SlashBlock comment/uncomment
Ctrl-Alt-DashFold all
Ctrl-Alt-=Unfold all
Shift-TabAuto-indent the current line or selection
Cmd/Ctrl-]Indent the current line or selection by one indent unit
Cmd/Ctrl-[Dedent the current line or selection by one indent unit