App Maker demonstrations and use cases

These videos show some of the ways you can use App Maker. Watch demonstrations and learn what kinds of apps you can build.


  • How to grow a spreadsheet into an application

    (Google Cloud Next 2019, 45 minutes)

  • Improve processes by integrating App Maker, Data Studio, and GCP

    (Google Cloud Next 2019, 50 minutes)

  • How to build enterprise workflows with App Maker

    (Google Cloud Next 2018, 40 minutes)

  • Build powerful custom apps fast with App Maker on G Suite

    (Google Cloud Next 2017, 45 minutes)

  • Create Apps Easily with App Maker

    (The G Suite Show 2017, 4 minutes)

Use cases

  • How Veolia digitalizes business processes with App Maker

    (Google Cloud Next 2019, 35 minutes)

  • Build apps your business needs with App Maker

    (Google Cloud Next 2018, 35 minutes)

  • Introducing App Maker

    (2016, 2 minutes)