Export and delete apps and data

If you decide to stop using an app, you can export and delete the app and its data.

Export and delete an app

You can export and delete apps that you own:

  1. Open an app in App Maker and go to the Deployments page. Delete any published deployments. Repeat this step for any other apps you want export or delete.

  2. There are two ways to export apps:

    • Export individual apps—Open the app in App Maker and click Export in the navigation pane. App Maker downloads a compressed version of your app.
    • Export all of your apps—If a G Suite administrator has turned on Google Takeout for your organization, you can export all apps you own.
  3. There are two ways to delete an app:

    • App Maker—Open the app and click Menu menu chevron_right Move to Trash.
    • Google Drive—Select the app in your Drive and click Remove delete in the top right.

Export and delete data

Exporting and deleting an app doesn't export or delete the data that app stored in Cloud SQL or an external database. The type of data model your app uses affects how you export or delete its data:

  • apps that use a default Cloud SQL instance—ask a G Suite or GCP administrator to export or delete the database key associated with your app from the default Cloud SQL instance.
  • apps that use a custom Cloud SQL instance:
  • apps that use an external MySQL database—refer to MySQL documentation for details on how to export and delete data.