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A TaskQueue resource represents a queue created by an App Engine application. You create TaskQueue resources within a project namespace defined by your App Engine App ID. You can use the TaskQueue resource to get information about a queue. By default, a user has no rights on a TaskQueue unless they are explicitly granted rights in queues.yaml.

Each project can hold an unlimited number of TaskQueue resources. It is currently not possible to create, modify, or delete queues using the REST API.

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

  "kind": "taskqueues#taskqueue",
  "id": string,
  "maxLeases": integer,
  "stats": {
    "totalTasks": integer,
    "oldestTask": long,
    "leasedLastMinute": long,
    "leasedLastHour": long
  "acl": {
    "consumerEmails": [
    "producerEmails": [
    "adminEmails": [
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string [Not mutable.] The kind of REST object returned, in this case taskqueue.
id string [Mutable only on insert.] Name of the taskqueue. This name is required and must be unique among all queue names within this project. See the naming restrictions.
maxLeases integer [Mutable.] The number of times a client can lease a specific task before it will be automatically dropped from the queue. If not specified, all tasks will be available for indefinite retries. In practice, you should set this value to a reasonably small value so that a difficult task does not block the whole queue.
stats object [Not mutable.] Object that holds statistics for the queue. 
stats.totalTasks integer [Not mutable.] Number of tasks in the queue.
stats.oldestTask long [Not mutable.] The timestamp (in seconds since the epoch) of the oldest unfinished task.
stats.leasedLastMinute long [Not mutable.] Number of tasks leased in the last minute.
stats.leasedLastHour long [Not mutable.] Number of tasks leased in the last hour.
acl object ACLs that are applicable to this TaskQueue object.
acl.consumerEmails[] list Email addresses of users who can "consume" tasks from the TaskQueue. This means they can Dequeue and Delete tasks from the queue.
acl.producerEmails[] list Email addresses of users who can "produce" tasks into the TaskQueue. This means they can Insert tasks into the queue.
acl.adminEmails[] list Email addresses of users who are "admins" of the TaskQueue. This means they can control the queue, eg set ACLs for the queue.


Get detailed information about a TaskQueue. 

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