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Prospective Search Exceptions (Python)


Prospective Search is an experimental, innovative, and rapidly changing new feature for Google App Engine. Unfortunately, being on the bleeding edge means that we may make backwards-incompatible changes to Prospective Search. We will inform the community when this feature is no longer experimental.

The google.appengine.api.prospective_search package provides the following exception classes derived from the base prospective_search.Error:

exception QuerySyntaxError()
Query syntax is invalid or refers to a field that does not exist in the document schema. See Query Language Overview.
exception apiproxy_errors.Error
The function call failed. This may occur if there is an internal error. This exception is unlikely to be due to a problem with the application.
exception SubscriptionDoesNotExist()
Subscription does not exist. Use list_subscriptions() to see all currently registered subscriptions.

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