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OAuth for Python is an experimental, innovative, and rapidly changing new feature for Google App Engine. Unfortunately, being on the bleeding edge means that we may make backwards-incompatible changes to OAuth for Python. We will inform the community when this feature is no longer experimental.

The google.appengine.api.oauth package provides the following exception classes:

exception Error()

This is the base class for all exceptions in this package.

exception OAuthRequestError()

The app attempted to get OAuth information but the request was not a valid OAuth request. This is a base class for the more specific errors InvalidOAuthParametersError and InvalidOAuthTokenError.

exception InvalidOAuthParametersError()

The client provided OAuth parameters with the request, but they are invalid.

exception InvalidOAuthTokenError()

The client provided an OAuth token with the request, but it has been revoked by the user, or is otherwise invalid.

exception OAuthServiceFailureError()

There was an internal error with the OAuth service.

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