Connect Your App to Your Website

In order for Google to recognize your app as the official application for your website, you must connect your app to your website through the Google Play Console and Google Search Console. By doing this step, you'll be notified of any errors in your app content and be able to use the simple debugging workflow in Search Console. You'll also get automatic indexing for any HTTP deep links. Follow the steps in Developer Console Help Center.

For apps with HTTP deep link schemes. After your app and your website are connected, Google will automatically start indexing the content of your app. It'll use URLs discovered through web indexing that match the intent-filter patterns in your AndroidManifest.xml file. After your app content is indexed without errors, deep links can appear in Google mobile search results.

For apps with custom URI schemes. If your app is using a custom URI scheme, you can still participate in App Indexing by specifying which deep links correspond to your web pages using sitemaps or web annotations.

Next, learn how to Annotate App Activity so that actions your users have taken in your app can be displayed in Google app query autocompletions.

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App Indexing
App Indexing