Supported Google APIs

To get started with the Python client library, find the API you want to use and click the desired version number:

API api_name api_version Description
APIs Discovery Service discovery v1 Provides information about other Google APIs, such as what APIs are available, the resource, and method details for each API.
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) URL API acceleratedmobilepageurl v1 This API contains a single method, batchGet. Call this method to retrieve the AMP URL (and equivalent AMP Cache URL) for given public URL(s).
Ad Exchange Buyer API adexchangebuyer v1.4 Accesses your bidding-account information, submits creatives for validation, finds available direct deals, and retrieves performance reports.
Other versions: v1.3, v1.2
Ad Exchange Buyer API II adexchangebuyer2 v2beta1 Accesses the latest features for managing Ad Exchange accounts and Real-Time Bidding configurations.
Ad Exchange Seller API adexchangeseller v2.0 Gives Ad Exchange seller users access to their inventory and the ability to generate reports
Other versions: v1.1, v1
AdSense Host API adsensehost v4.1 Generates performance reports, generates ad codes, and provides publisher management capabilities for AdSense Hosts.
AdSense Management API adsense v1.4 Accesses AdSense publishers' inventory and generates performance reports.
Other versions: v1.3, v1.2
Admin Data Transfer API admin datatransfer_v1 Transfers user data from one user to another.
Admin Directory API admin directory_v1 The Admin SDK Directory API lets you view and manage enterprise resources such as users and groups, administrative notifications, security features, and more.
Admin Reports API admin reports_v1 Allows the administrators of Google Apps customers to fetch reports about the usage, collaboration, security and risk for their users.
Analytics Reporting API V4 analyticsreporting v4 The Analytics Reporting API provides access to Analytics report data.
BigQuery API bigquery v2 A data platform for customers to create, manage, share and query data.
Blogger API blogger v3 API for access to the data within Blogger.
Other versions: v2
Books API books v1 Lets you search for books and manage your Google Books library.
Calendar API calendar v3 Manipulates events and other calendar data.
Cloud Monitoring API cloudmonitoring v2beta2 Accesses Google Cloud Monitoring data.
Cloud SQL Administration API sqladmin v1beta4 Creates and configures Cloud SQL instances, which provide fully-managed MySQL databases.
Other versions: v1beta3
Cloud Storage JSON API storage v1 Stores and retrieves potentially large, immutable data objects.
Other versions: v1beta2, v1beta1
Cloud Tool Results API toolresults v1beta3 Reads and publishes results from Cloud Test Lab.
Cloud User Accounts API clouduseraccounts vm_alpha Creates and manages users and groups for accessing Google Compute Engine virtual machines.
Other versions: vm_beta, beta, alpha
Compute Engine API compute v1 Creates and runs virtual machines on Google Cloud Platform.
Other versions: beta, alpha
Consumer Surveys API consumersurveys v2 Creates and conducts surveys, lists the surveys that an authenticated user owns, and retrieves survey results and information about specified surveys.
Content API for Shopping content v2 Manages product items, inventory, and Merchant Center accounts for Google Shopping.
Other versions: v2sandbox
CustomSearch API customsearch v1 Lets you search over a website or collection of websites
DCM/DFA Reporting And Trafficking API dfareporting v2.5 Manages your DoubleClick Campaign Manager ad campaigns and reports.
Other versions: v2.5beta1, v2.4, v2.3, v2.2
DoubleClick Bid Manager API doubleclickbidmanager v1 API for viewing and managing your reports in DoubleClick Bid Manager.
DoubleClick Search API doubleclicksearch v2 Reports and modifies your advertising data in DoubleClick Search (for example, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and conversions).
Drive API drive v3 Manages files in Drive including uploading, downloading, searching, detecting changes, and updating sharing permissions.
Other versions: v2, v1
Enterprise Apps Reseller API reseller v1 Creates and manages your customers and their subscriptions.
Enterprise License Manager API licensing v1 Licensing API to view and manage license for your domain.
Firebase Rules API firebaserules v1 Creates and manages rules that determine when a Firebase Rules-enabled service should permit a request.
Fitness fitness v1 Google Fit API
Freebase Search freebase v1 Find Freebase entities using textual queries and other constraints.
Fusion Tables API fusiontables v2 API for working with Fusion Tables data.
Other versions: v1
Genomics API genomics v1 Stores, processes, explores and shares genomic data. This API implements the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) v0.5.1 API as well as several extensions.
Other versions: v1alpha2, v1beta2
Genomics API genomics v1beta2 Provides access to Genomics data.
Other versions: v1, v1alpha2
Gmail API gmail v1 Access Gmail mailboxes including sending user email.
Google Analytics API analytics v3 Views and manages your Google Analytics data.
Other versions: v2.4
Google App Engine Admin API appengine v1beta5 Provisions and manages App Engine applications.
Other versions: v1beta4
Google App State API appstate v1 The Google App State API.
Google Apps Activity API appsactivity v1 Provides a historical view of activity.
Google Apps Script Execution API script v1 Executes Google Apps Script projects.
Google Civic Information API civicinfo v2 An API for accessing civic information.
Google Classroom API classroom v1 Manages classes, rosters, and invitations in Google Classroom.
Google Cloud Billing API cloudbilling v1 Retrieves Google Developers Console billing accounts and associates them with projects.
Google Cloud Container Builder API cloudbuild v1 Builds container images in the cloud.
Google Cloud DNS API dns v1 Configures and serves authoritative DNS records.
Google Cloud Dataproc API dataproc v1 Manages Hadoop-based clusters and jobs on Google Cloud Platform.
Other versions: v1beta1, v1alpha1
Google Cloud Datastore API datastore v1beta3 Google Cloud Datastore is a schemaless NoSQL datastore providing robust, scalable storage for your application.
Other versions: v1beta2, v1beta1
Google Cloud Debugger API clouddebugger v2 Examines the call stack and variables of a running application without stopping or slowing it down.
Google Cloud Deployment Manager API deploymentmanager v2 Declares, configures, and deploys complex solutions on Google Cloud Platform.
Google Cloud Error Reporting API clouderrorreporting v1beta1 Collects errors from Cloud Logging data or sent directly from client applications. Groups and counts similar errors to provide an overview on the health of the application and to enable further analysis.
Google Cloud Logging API logging v2beta1 Writes log entries and manages your logs, log sinks, and logs-based metrics.
Google Cloud Network Performance Monitoring API cloudlatencytest v2 Reports latency data.
Google Cloud Pub/Sub API pubsub v1 Provides reliable, many-to-many, asynchronous messaging between applications.
Other versions: v1beta2, v1beta1a
Google Cloud Resource Manager API cloudresourcemanager v1 The Google Cloud Resource Manager API provides methods for creating, reading, and updating project metadata.
Other versions: v1beta1
Google Cloud RuntimeConfig API runtimeconfig v1beta1 Provides capabilities for dynamic configuration and coordination for applications running on Google Cloud Platform.
Google Cloud Service Registry API serviceregistry alpha Manages service endpoints in Service Registry and provides integration with DNS for service discovery and name resolution.
Google Cloud Trace API cloudtrace v1 Send and retrieve trace data from Google Cloud Trace. Data is generated and available by default for all App Engine applications. Data from other applications can be written to Cloud Trace for display, reporting, and analysis.
Google Cloud Vision API vision v1 Integrates Google Vision features, including image labeling, face, logo, and landmark detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and detection of explicit content, into applications.
Google Compute Engine Autoscaler API autoscaler v1beta2 The Google Compute Engine Autoscaler API provides autoscaling for groups of Cloud VMs.
Google Compute Engine Instance Group Manager API replicapool v1beta2 [Deprecated. Please use Instance Group Manager in Compute API] Provides groups of homogenous Compute Engine instances.
Google Compute Engine Instance Group Updater API replicapoolupdater v1beta1 Updates groups of Compute Engine instances.
Google Compute Engine Instance Groups API resourceviews v1beta2 The Resource View API allows users to create and manage logical sets of Google Compute Engine instances.
Google Container Engine API container v1 Builds and manages clusters that run container-based applications, powered by open source Kubernetes technology.
Google Dataflow API dataflow v1b3 Develops and executes data processing patterns like ETL, batch computation, and continuous computation.
Google Fonts Developer API webfonts v1 Accesses the metadata for all families served by Google Fonts, providing a list of families currently available (including available styles and a list of supported script subsets).
Google Identity Toolkit API identitytoolkit v3 Help the third party sites to implement federated login.
Google Identity and Access Management API iam v1 Manages identity and access control for Google Cloud Platform resources, including the creation of service accounts, which you can use to authenticate to Google and make API calls.
Other versions: v1alpha1
Google Maps Coordinate API coordinate v1 Lets you view and manage jobs in a Coordinate team.
Google Mirror API mirror v1 API for interacting with Glass users via the timeline.
Google Monitoring API monitoring v3 Manages your Stackdriver monitoring data and configurations. Projects must be associated with a Stackdriver account, except for the following methods: [monitoredResourceDescriptors.list](v3/projects.monitoredResourceDescriptors/list), [monitoredResourceDescriptors.get](v3/projects.monitoredResourceDescriptors/get), [metricDescriptors.list](v3/projects.metricDescriptors/list), [metricDescriptors.get](v3/projects.metricDescriptors/get), and [timeSeries.list](v3/projects.timeSeries/list).
Google OAuth2 API oauth2 v2 Obtains end-user authorization grants for use with other Google APIs.
Other versions: v1
Google Partners API partners v2 Lets advertisers search certified companies and create contact leads with them, and also audits the usage of clients.
Google People API people v1 The Google People API service gives access to information about profiles and contacts.
Google Play Developer API androidpublisher v2 Lets Android application developers access their Google Play accounts.
Other versions: v1.1, v1
Google Play EMM API androidenterprise v1 Manages the deployment of apps to Android for Work users.
Google Play Game Services API games v1 The API for Google Play Game Services.
Google Play Game Services Management API gamesManagement v1management The Management API for Google Play Game Services.
Google Play Game Services Publishing API gamesConfiguration v1configuration The Publishing API for Google Play Game Services.
Google Play Movies Partner API playmoviespartner v1 Gets the delivery status of titles for Google Play Movies Partners.
Google Proximity Beacon API proximitybeacon v1beta1 Registers, manages, indexes, and searches beacons.
Google Sheets API sheets v4 Reads and writes Google Sheets.
Google Site Verification API siteVerification v1 Verifies ownership of websites or domains with Google.
Google Spectrum Database API spectrum v1explorer API for spectrum-management functions.
Google Storage Transfer API storagetransfer v1 Transfers data from external data sources to a Google Cloud Storage bucket or between Google Cloud Storage buckets.
Google+ API plus v1 Builds on top of the Google+ platform.
Google+ Domains API plusDomains v1 Builds on top of the Google+ platform for Google Apps Domains.
Groups Migration API groupsmigration v1 Groups Migration Api.
Groups Settings API groupssettings v1 Lets you manage permission levels and related settings of a group.
Knowledge Graph Search API kgsearch v1 Knowledge Graph Search API allows developers to search the Google Knowledge Graph for entities.
PageSpeed Insights API pagespeedonline v2 Analyzes the performance of a web page and provides tailored suggestions to make that page faster.
Other versions: v1
Prediction API prediction v1.6 Lets you access a cloud hosted machine learning service that makes it easy to build smart apps
Other versions: v1.5, v1.4, v1.3, v1.2
QPX Express API qpxExpress v1 Finds the least expensive flights between an origin and a destination.
Replica Pool API replicapool v1beta1 The Replica Pool API allows users to declaratively provision and manage groups of Google Compute Engine instances based on a common template.
Resource Views API resourceviews v1beta1 The Resource View API allows users to create and manage logical sets of Google Compute Engine instances.
Safe Browsing APIs safebrowsing v4 Enables client applications to check web resources (most commonly URLs) against Google-generated lists of unsafe web resources.
Search Console API webmasters v3 View Google Search Console data for your verified sites.
Tag Manager API tagmanager v1 Accesses Tag Manager accounts and containers.
TaskQueue API taskqueue v1beta2 Accesses a Google App Engine Pull Task Queue over REST.
Other versions: v1beta1
Tasks API tasks v1 Lets you manage your tasks and task lists.
Translate API translate v2 Lets you translate text from one language to another
URL Shortener API urlshortener v1 Lets you create, inspect, and manage short URLs
YouTube Analytics API youtubeAnalytics v1 Retrieves your YouTube Analytics data.
Other versions: v1beta1
YouTube Data API youtube v3 Supports core YouTube features, such as uploading videos, creating and managing playlists, searching for content, and much more.
YouTube Reporting API youtubereporting v1 Schedules reporting jobs containing your YouTube Analytics data and downloads the resulting bulk data reports in the form of CSV files.