Supported Google APIs

To get started with the Python client library, find the API you want to use and click the desired version number:

APIs Discovery Service
API namediscovery
DescriptionProvides information about other Google APIs, such as what APIs are available, the resource, and method details for each API.
Abusive Experience Report API
API nameabusiveexperiencereport
DescriptionView Abusive Experience Report data, and get a list of sites that have a significant number of abusive experiences.
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) URL API
API nameacceleratedmobilepageurl
DescriptionThis API contains a single method, batchGet. Call this method to retrieve the AMP URL (and equivalent AMP Cache URL) for given public URL(s).
Ad Exchange Buyer API
API nameadexchangebuyer
DescriptionAccesses your bidding-account information, submits creatives for validation, finds available direct deals, and retrieves performance reports.
Other versions: v1.3, v1.2
Ad Exchange Buyer API II
API nameadexchangebuyer2
DescriptionAccesses the latest features for managing Ad Exchange accounts, Real-Time Bidding configurations and auction metrics, and Marketplace programmatic deals.
Ad Exchange Seller API
API nameadexchangeseller
DescriptionAccesses the inventory of Ad Exchange seller users and generates reports.
Other versions: v1.1, v1
Ad Experience Report API
API nameadexperiencereport
DescriptionView Ad Experience Report data, and get a list of sites that have a significant number of annoying ads.
AdSense Host API
API nameadsensehost
DescriptionGenerates performance reports, generates ad codes, and provides publisher management capabilities for AdSense Hosts.
AdSense Management API
API nameadsense
DescriptionAccesses AdSense publishers' inventory and generates performance reports.
Admin Data Transfer API
API nameadmin
DescriptionTransfers user data from one user to another.
Admin Directory API
API nameadmin
DescriptionManages enterprise resources such as users and groups, administrative notifications, security features, and more.
Admin Reports API
API nameadmin
DescriptionFetches reports for the administrators of G Suite customers about the usage, collaboration, security, and risk for their users.
Android Device Provisioning Partner API
API nameandroiddeviceprovisioning
DescriptionAutomates reseller integration into zero-touch enrollment by assigning devices to customers and creating device reports.
Android Management API
API nameandroidmanagement
DescriptionThe Android Management API provides remote enterprise management of Android devices and apps.
Apps Script API
API namescript
DescriptionAn API for managing and executing Google Apps Script projects. Note: In order to use this API in your apps, you must enable it for use. To allow other apps to manage your scripts, you must grant them access.
BigQuery API
API namebigquery
DescriptionA data platform for customers to create, manage, share and query data.
BigQuery Data Transfer API
API namebigquerydatatransfer
DescriptionTransfers data from partner SaaS applications to Google BigQuery on a scheduled, managed basis.
Blogger API
API nameblogger
DescriptionAPI for access to the data within Blogger.
Other versions: v2
Books API
API namebooks
DescriptionSearches for books and manages your Google Books library.
Calendar API
API namecalendar
DescriptionManipulates events and other calendar data.
Cloud Billing API
API namecloudbilling
DescriptionAllows developers to manage billing for their Google Cloud Platform projects programmatically.
Cloud Composer API
API namecomposer
DescriptionManages Apache Airflow environments on Google Cloud Platform.
Cloud Container Builder API
API namecloudbuild
DescriptionBuilds container images in the cloud.
Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API
API namedlp
DescriptionProvides methods for detection, risk analysis, and de-identification of privacy-sensitive fragments in text, images, and Google Cloud Platform storage repositories.
Cloud Dataproc API
API namedataproc
DescriptionManages Hadoop-based clusters and jobs on Google Cloud Platform.
Other versions: v1beta2
Cloud Functions API
API namecloudfunctions
DescriptionManages lightweight user-provided functions executed in response to events.
Other versions: v1beta2
Cloud IoT API
API namecloudiot
DescriptionRegisters and manages IoT (Internet of Things) devices that connect to the Google Cloud Platform.
Other versions: v1beta1
Cloud Job Discovery
API namejobs
DescriptionCloud Job Discovery provides the capability to create, read, update, and delete job postings, as well as search jobs based on keywords and filters.
Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API
API namecloudkms
DescriptionManages encryption for your cloud services the same way you do on-premises. You can generate, use, rotate, and destroy AES256 encryption keys.
Cloud Machine Learning Engine
API nameml
DescriptionAn API to enable creating and using machine learning models.
Cloud Memorystore for Redis API
API nameredis
DescriptionThe Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis API is used for creating and managing Redis instances on the Google Cloud Platform.
Cloud Natural Language API
API namelanguage
DescriptionProvides natural language understanding technologies to developers. Examples include sentiment analysis, entity recognition, entity sentiment analysis, and text annotations.
Other versions: v1beta2, v1beta1
Cloud OS Login API
API nameoslogin
DescriptionManages OS login configuration for Google account users.
Other versions: v1beta, v1alpha
Cloud Pub/Sub API
API namepubsub
DescriptionProvides reliable, many-to-many, asynchronous messaging between applications.
Other versions: v1beta2, v1beta1a
Cloud Resource Manager API
API namecloudresourcemanager
DescriptionThe Google Cloud Resource Manager API provides methods for creating, reading, and updating project metadata.
Other versions: v2beta1, v1beta1, v1
Cloud SQL Administration API
API namesqladmin
DescriptionCreates and configures Cloud SQL instances, which provide fully-managed MySQL databases.
Other versions: v1beta3
Cloud Source Repositories API
API namesourcerepo
DescriptionAccess source code repositories hosted by Google.
Cloud Spanner API
API namespanner
DescriptionCloud Spanner is a managed, mission-critical, globally consistent and scalable relational database service.
Cloud Speech API
API namespeech
DescriptionConverts audio to text by applying powerful neural network models.
Other versions: v1beta1
Cloud Storage JSON API
API namestorage
DescriptionStores and retrieves potentially large, immutable data objects.
Other versions: v1beta2, v1beta1
Cloud Tasks API
API namecloudtasks
DescriptionManages the execution of large numbers of distributed requests. Cloud Tasks is in Alpha.
Cloud Testing API
API nametesting
DescriptionAllows developers to run automated tests for their mobile applications on Google infrastructure.
Cloud Text-to-Speech API
API nametexttospeech
DescriptionSynthesizes natural-sounding speech by applying powerful neural network models.
Cloud Tool Results API
API nametoolresults
DescriptionReads and publishes results from Firebase Test Lab.
Cloud Video Intelligence API
API namevideointelligence
DescriptionCloud Video Intelligence API.
Other versions: v1beta2, v1beta1
Cloud Vision API
API namevision
DescriptionIntegrates Google Vision features, including image labeling, face, logo, and landmark detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and detection of explicit content, into applications.
Other versions: v1p2beta1, v1p1beta1
Compute Engine API
API namecompute
DescriptionCreates and runs virtual machines on Google Cloud Platform.
Other versions: beta, alpha
Content API for Shopping
API namecontent
DescriptionManages product items, inventory, and Merchant Center accounts for Google Shopping.
Other versions: v2sandbox
CustomSearch API
API namecustomsearch
DescriptionSearches over a website or collection of websites
DCM/DFA Reporting And Trafficking API
API namedfareporting
DescriptionManages your DoubleClick Campaign Manager ad campaigns and reports.
Other versions: v2.8
Dataflow API
API namedataflow
DescriptionManages Google Cloud Dataflow projects on Google Cloud Platform.
Dialogflow API
API namedialogflow
DescriptionAn end-to-end development suite for conversational interfaces (e.g., chatbots, voice-powered apps and devices).
Other versions: v2beta1
API namedigitalassetlinks
DescriptionAPI for discovering relationships between online assets such as web sites or mobile apps.
DoubleClick Bid Manager API
API namedoubleclickbidmanager
DescriptionAPI for viewing and managing your reports in DoubleClick Bid Manager.
DoubleClick Search API
API namedoubleclicksearch
DescriptionReports and modifies your advertising data in DoubleClick Search (for example, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and conversions).
Drive API
API namedrive
DescriptionManages files in Drive including uploading, downloading, searching, detecting changes, and updating sharing permissions.
Other versions: v2
Enterprise Apps Reseller API
API namereseller
DescriptionCreates and manages your customers and their subscriptions.
Enterprise License Manager API
API namelicensing
DescriptionViews and manages licenses for your domain.
API namefirebasedynamiclinks
DescriptionProgrammatically creates and manages Firebase Dynamic Links.
Firebase Rules API
API namefirebaserules
DescriptionCreates and manages rules that determine when a Firebase Rules-enabled service should permit a request.
API namefitness
DescriptionStores and accesses user data in the fitness store from apps on any platform.
Fusion Tables API
API namefusiontables
DescriptionAPI for working with Fusion Tables data.
Other versions: v1
G Suite Activity API
API nameappsactivity
DescriptionProvides a historical view of activity.
Genomics API
API namegenomics
DescriptionUpload, process, query, and search Genomics data in the cloud.
Other versions: v2alpha1, v1alpha2
Gmail API
API namegmail
DescriptionAccess Gmail mailboxes including sending user email.
Google Analytics API
API nameanalytics
DescriptionViews and manages your Google Analytics data.
Other versions: v2.4
Google Analytics Reporting API
API nameanalyticsreporting
DescriptionAccesses Analytics report data.
Google App Engine Admin API
API nameappengine
DescriptionThe App Engine Admin API enables developers to provision and manage their App Engine applications.
Other versions: v1beta5, v1beta4, v1beta, v1alpha
Google App State API
API nameappstate
DescriptionThe Google App State API.
Google Civic Information API
API namecivicinfo
DescriptionProvides polling places, early vote locations, contest data, election officials, and government representatives for U.S. residential addresses.
Google Classroom API
API nameclassroom
DescriptionManages classes, rosters, and invitations in Google Classroom.
Google Cloud DNS API
API namedns
DescriptionConfigures and serves authoritative DNS records.
Other versions: v2beta1, v1beta2
Google Cloud Datastore API
API namedatastore
DescriptionAccesses the schemaless NoSQL database to provide fully managed, robust, scalable storage for your application.
Other versions: v1beta3, v1beta1
Google Cloud Deployment Manager API
API namedeploymentmanager
DescriptionDeclares, configures, and deploys complex solutions on Google Cloud Platform.
Google Cloud Deployment Manager API V2Beta Methods
API namedeploymentmanager
DescriptionThe Deployment Manager API allows users to declaratively configure, deploy and run complex solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.
Google Cloud Deployment Manager Alpha API
API namedeploymentmanager
DescriptionThe Deployment Manager API allows users to declaratively configure, deploy and run complex solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.
Google Cloud Runtime Configuration API
API nameruntimeconfig
DescriptionThe Runtime Configurator allows you to dynamically configure and expose variables through Google Cloud Platform. In addition, you can also set Watchers and Waiters that will watch for changes to your data and return based on certain conditions.
Other versions: v1beta1
Google Cloud Translation API
API nametranslate
DescriptionThe Google Cloud Translation API lets websites and programs integrate with Google Translate programmatically.
Google Compute Engine Instance Group Manager API
API namereplicapool
Description[Deprecated. Please use Instance Group Manager in Compute API] Provides groups of homogenous Compute Engine instances.
Google Compute Engine Instance Group Updater API
API namereplicapoolupdater
Description[Deprecated. Please use compute.instanceGroupManagers.update method. replicapoolupdater API will be disabled after December 30th, 2016] Updates groups of Compute Engine instances.
Google Compute Engine Instance Groups API
API nameresourceviews
DescriptionThe Resource View API allows users to create and manage logical sets of Google Compute Engine instances.
Google Fonts Developer API
API namewebfonts
DescriptionAccesses the metadata for all families served by Google Fonts, providing a list of families currently available (including available styles and a list of supported script subsets).
Google Identity Toolkit API
API nameidentitytoolkit
DescriptionHelp the third party sites to implement federated login.
Google Mirror API
API namemirror
DescriptionInteracts with Glass users via the timeline.
Google OAuth2 API
API nameoauth2
DescriptionObtains end-user authorization grants for use with other Google APIs.
Other versions: v1
Google Partners API
API namepartners
DescriptionSearches certified companies and creates contact leads with them, and also audits the usage of clients.
Google Play Custom App Publishing API
API nameplaycustomapp
DescriptionAn API to publish custom Android apps.
Google Play Developer API
API nameandroidpublisher
DescriptionLets Android application developers access their Google Play accounts.
Other versions: v2, v1.1, v1
Google Play EMM API
API nameandroidenterprise
DescriptionManages the deployment of apps to Android for Work users.
Google Play Game Services API
API namegames
DescriptionThe API for Google Play Game Services.
Google Play Game Services Management API
API namegamesManagement
DescriptionThe Management API for Google Play Game Services.
Google Play Game Services Publishing API
API namegamesConfiguration
DescriptionThe Publishing API for Google Play Game Services.
Google Proximity Beacon API
API nameproximitybeacon
DescriptionRegisters, manages, indexes, and searches beacons.
Google Search Console URL Testing Tools API
API namesearchconsole
DescriptionProvides tools for running validation tests against single URLs
Google Service User API
API nameserviceuser
DescriptionEnables services that service consumers want to use on Google Cloud Platform, lists the available or enabled services, or disables services that service consumers no longer use.
Google Sheets API
API namesheets
DescriptionReads and writes Google Sheets.
Google Site Verification API
API namesiteVerification
DescriptionVerifies ownership of websites or domains with Google.
Google Slides API
API nameslides
DescriptionAn API for creating and editing Google Slides presentations.
Google Spectrum Database API
API namespectrum
DescriptionAPI for spectrum-management functions.
Google Storage Transfer API
API namestoragetransfer
DescriptionTransfers data from external data sources to a Google Cloud Storage bucket or between Google Cloud Storage buckets.
Google+ API
API nameplus
DescriptionBuilds on top of the Google+ platform.
Google+ Domains API
API nameplusDomains
DescriptionBuilds on top of the Google+ platform for Google Apps Domains.
Groups Migration API
API namegroupsmigration
DescriptionGroups Migration Api.
Groups Settings API
API namegroupssettings
DescriptionLets you manage permission levels and related settings of a group.
Hangouts Chat API
API namechat
DescriptionCreate bots and extend the new Hangouts Chat.
Identity and Access Management (IAM) API
API nameiam
DescriptionManages identity and access control for Google Cloud Platform resources, including the creation of service accounts, which you can use to authenticate to Google and make API calls.
Knowledge Graph Search API
API namekgsearch
DescriptionSearches the Google Knowledge Graph for entities.
Kubernetes Engine API
API namecontainer
DescriptionThe Google Kubernetes Engine API is used for building and managing container based applications, powered by the open source Kubernetes technology.
Other versions: v1beta1
Manufacturer Center API
API namemanufacturers
DescriptionPublic API for managing Manufacturer Center related data.
PageSpeed Insights API
API namepagespeedonline
DescriptionAnalyzes the performance of a web page and provides tailored suggestions to make that page faster.
Other versions: v2, v1
People API
API namepeople
DescriptionProvides access to information about profiles and contacts.
Photos Library API
API namephotoslibrary
DescriptionManage photos, videos, and albums in Google Photos
Poly API
API namepoly
DescriptionThe Poly API provides read-only access to assets hosted on
Replica Pool API
API namereplicapool
DescriptionThe Replica Pool API allows users to declaratively provision and manage groups of Google Compute Engine instances based on a common template.
Resource Views API
API nameresourceviews
DescriptionThe Resource View API allows users to create and manage logical sets of Google Compute Engine instances.
Safe Browsing API
API namesafebrowsing
DescriptionEnables client applications to check web resources (most commonly URLs) against Google-generated lists of unsafe web resources.
Search Console API
API namewebmasters
DescriptionView Google Search Console data for your verified sites.
Service Broker API
API nameservicebroker
DescriptionThe Google Cloud Platform Service Broker API provides Google hosted implementation of the Open Service Broker API (
Other versions: v1beta1, v1alpha1
Service Consumer Management API
API nameserviceconsumermanagement
DescriptionProvides management methods for configuring service producer resources on Google Cloud.
Service Control API
API nameservicecontrol
DescriptionGoogle Service Control provides control plane functionality to managed services, such as logging, monitoring, and status checks.
Service Management API
API nameservicemanagement
DescriptionGoogle Service Management allows service producers to publish their services on Google Cloud Platform so that they can be discovered and used by service consumers.
Service Usage API
API nameserviceusage
DescriptionEnables services that service consumers want to use on Google Cloud Platform, lists the available or enabled services, or disables services that service consumers no longer use.
Stackdriver Debugger API
API nameclouddebugger
DescriptionExamines the call stack and variables of a running application without stopping or slowing it down.
Stackdriver Error Reporting API
API nameclouderrorreporting
DescriptionGroups and counts similar errors from cloud services and applications, reports new errors, and provides access to error groups and their associated errors.
Stackdriver Logging API
API namelogging
DescriptionWrites log entries and manages your Stackdriver Logging configuration.
Other versions: v2beta1
Stackdriver Monitoring API
API namemonitoring
DescriptionManages your Stackdriver Monitoring data and configurations. Most projects must be associated with a Stackdriver account, with a few exceptions as noted on the individual method pages.
Stackdriver Trace API
API namecloudtrace
DescriptionSends application trace data to Stackdriver Trace for viewing. Trace data is collected for all App Engine applications by default. Trace data from other applications can be provided using this API.
Other versions: v1
Street View Publish API
API namestreetviewpublish
DescriptionPublishes 360 photos to Google Maps, along with position, orientation, and connectivity metadata. Apps can offer an interface for positioning, connecting, and uploading user-generated Street View images.
Surveys API
API namesurveys
DescriptionCreates and conducts surveys, lists the surveys that an authenticated user owns, and retrieves survey results and information about specified surveys.
Tag Manager API
API nametagmanager
DescriptionAccesses Tag Manager accounts and containers.
Other versions: v1
Tasks API
API nametasks
DescriptionLets you manage your tasks and task lists.
URL Shortener API
API nameurlshortener
DescriptionLets you create, inspect, and manage short URLs
Web Security Scanner API
API namewebsecurityscanner
DescriptionWeb Security Scanner API (under development).
YouTube Analytics API
API nameyoutubeAnalytics
DescriptionRetrieves your YouTube Analytics data.
Other versions: v1beta1, v1
YouTube Data API
API nameyoutube
DescriptionSupports core YouTube features, such as uploading videos, creating and managing playlists, searching for content, and much more.
YouTube Reporting API
API nameyoutubereporting
DescriptionSchedules reporting jobs containing your YouTube Analytics data and downloads the resulting bulk data reports in the form of CSV files.