Release Notes for the Google OAuth Client Library for Java

Version 1.18.0-rc

April 10, 2014


Version 1.16.0-rc

August 5, 2013


Version 1.15.0-rc

May 10, 2013

Announcing the first release candidate of the Google OAuth Client Library for Java! The library is finally going out of beta.

Note that there are still some features of the library in active development that may require backwards incompatible changes in future releases before they are ready to fully go out of beta. Each of these features is annotated with an @Beta tag.


Version 1.14.1-beta

Mar 25, 2013


Version 1.13.1-beta

Jan 17, 2013


Version 1.12.0-beta

Nov 2, 2012


Version 1.11.0-beta

Sept 5, 2012


  • Issue 44: Removed deprecated classes/methods/fields from version 1.10.
  • Issue 27: Added FileCredentialStore.
  • Issue 52: Added OAuth 2.0 command-line helpers.
  • Issue 50: Added AuthorizationCodeFlow.Builder.setAuthorizationServerEncodedUrl.
  • Issue 51: Created properties files for Eclipse Android support.
  • Issue 49: Added a way to set the “state" parameter to AbstractAuthorizationCodeServlet.
  • Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.11.

Version 1.10.1-beta

June 25, 2012

Bugs Fixed:
Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.10.3-beta.

Version 1.10.0-beta

June 14, 2012


  • Issue 125: Fixed issue of creating UrlFetchTransport in GAE SDK 1.6.6 in google-http-java-client.
  • Issue 116: Fixed CloseGuard error after EOFException in google-http-java-client.
  • Issue 78: Fixed memory leaks in google-http-java-client.
  • Issue 118: UriTemplate.expand now supports Iterable for list parameters in google-http-java-client.
  • Issue 42: Failures in Access token requests for OAuth 2.0 assertion profile are not caught anymore.
  • Issue 40: CredentialStore methods now declare throws IOException.
  • Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.10.

Version 1.9.0-beta

May 18, 2012


Version 1.8.0-beta

April 4, 2012


Version 1.7.0-beta

Mar 12, 2012


Version 1.6.0-beta

Nov 8, 2011


  • extensions.auth.helpers.appengine package has been renamed to extensions.appengine.auth.helpers.
  • Deprecated classes/methods/fields from version 1.5 have been removed.
  • Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.6.

Version 1.5.2-beta

Bugs Fixed:
Issue 15: Update pom.xml in 1.5 branch to point to google-http-java-client 1.5.3-beta
Please take a look at the Javadoc.

Version 1.5.1-beta

Bugs Fixed:
Issue 14: Allow refreshToken to be null in OAuth2Credential and AccessProtectedResource
Please take a look at the Javadoc.

Version 1.5.0-beta

Announcing the release of the new Google OAuth Client Library for Java project split off from the Google API Client Library for Java project. It contains the OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0 (draft 10) packages that should work with any OAuth-based service on the web.

Additional highlights:

Version 1.4.1-beta

See Version 1.4.1-beta Release Notes from Google API Client Library for Java.