Release Notes for the Google API Client Library for Java

Version 1.18.0-rc

April 10, 2014

Version 1.16.0-rc

August 5, 2013


Version 1.15.0-rc

May 10, 2013

Announcing the first release candidate of the Google API Client Library for Java! The library is finally going out of beta.

Note that there are still some features of the library in active development that may require backwards incompatible changes in future releases before they are ready to fully go out of beta. Each of these features is annotated with an @Beta tag.

In addition, the core and generated libraries have fully transitioned from our own Maven repository to the Central Maven Repository. Users of older versions should remove the reference to our <repository> at in pom.xml, in order to fetch the latest version from the Central Repository.


Version 1.14.1-beta

Mar 25, 2013


  • Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.14.1-beta
  • Updated to google-oauth-java-client version 1.14.1-beta
  • Issue 685: Restrict trusted CAs to only those used by Google
  • Issue 705: Updated to the latest OpenID Connect specification
  • Issue 693: Now generate a BigInteger instead of UnsignedLong for uint64 (backwards incompatible change)
  • Issue 647: Added support for Google’s subscriptions protocol
  • Issue 650: Removed some deprecated API from 1.13 (backwards incompatible change)
  • Issue 708: Now uses supportsMediaDownload flag from Discovery to determine if a method supports media download
  • Issue 443: Fixed an issue where empty XScopes files were being generated
  • Issue 437: Added methods to decode and encode base64 data to generated classes
  • Issue 693: Generate a clone method in model classes
  • Issue 466 and Issue 692: Now throw an exception if a required schema parameter isn’t specified or required content is missing
  • Issue 579 and Issue 581: Fixed issues with resumable direct downloads and uploads
  • Issue 697: Renamed dependencies files to match package names.

Version 1.13.2-beta

Jan 17, 2013


  • Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.13.1-beta
  • Updated to google-oauth-java-client version 1.13.1-beta
  • Issue 673: Fixed: NullPointerException on error when doing resumable media upload
  • Issue 663: Fixed: range query request in MediaHttpUploader#serverErrorCallback fails with a 411
  • Issue 662: MediaHttpUploader enforces that chunk sizes are multiples of 256KB
  • Issue 660: Deprecated GoogleHeaders in preference of HttpHeaders, and deprecated GoogleUrl in preference of GenericUrl (backwards incompatible change)
  • Issue 653: Change GET to POST if URI is too long
  • Issue 649: Support PEM file format as input format for service accounts
  • Issue 641: MediaHttpUploader: direct upload sets the request headers
  • Issue 638: MediaHttpUploader now respects AbstractGoogleClientRequest.setDisableGZipContent(true)
  • Issue 634: MediaHttpDownloader: added setContentRange
  • Issue 591: MediaHttpUploader.upload() requires a known InputStreamContent size
  • AbstractGoogleClient now logs a warning if no application name has been set.

Version 1.12.0-beta

Nov 8, 2012


Version 1.11.0-beta

Sept 25, 2012


  • Issue 574: Removed deprecated classes/methods/fields from version 1.10.
  • Issue 310: Added command line auth helpers to google-api-java-client.
  • Issue 594: Renamed g-a-c-android2 to g-a-c-android.
  • Issue 597: Created properties files for Eclipse Android support.
  • Issue 389: Added support for UnsignedLong in service-specific libraries
  • Issue 583: DateTime is now used for “date" values in service-specific libraries
  • Issue 525: Added support for redirects in BatchRequest.
  • Issue 560: Batch now adds authorization to the top-level request.
  • Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.11.
  • Updated to google-oauth-java-client version 1.11.

Version 1.10.3-beta

June 25, 2012

Bugs Fixed:
Issue 527: Proguard does not strip out GoogleJsonError.ErrorInfo anymore.
Issue 528: Proguard does not strip out model. anymore.
Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.10.3-beta.
Updated to google-oauth-java-client version 1.10.1-beta.

Version 1.10.2-beta

June 18, 2012

Bugs Fixed:
Issue 521: Fixed resumable upload failure when writing multiple chunks.
Issue 512: Added exponential backoff to Batch.

Version 1.10.1-beta

June 14, 2012


  • Issue 516: Changed accessType and approvalPrompt defaults in GoogleAuthorizationCodeFlow.
  • Issue 402: Fixed memory leaks.
  • Issue 125: Fixed issue of creating UrlFetchTransport in GAE SDK 1.6.6 in google-http-java-client.
  • Issue 116: Fixed CloseGuard error after EOFException in google-http-java-client.
  • Issue 78: Fixed memory leaks in google-http-java-client.
  • Issue 118: UriTemplate.expand now supports Iterable for list parameters in google-http-java-client.
  • Issue 514: Added HttpRequestInitializer to constructor and Builder of generated service-specific libraries.
  • Issue 511: Moved enableGZipContent to JsonHttpRequest and removed builder() methods.
  • Issue 500: Updated GoogleClient to use rootUrl and servicePath.
  • Improvements to the surface of the service-specific generated libraries:
  • Issue 505: New structure for jars in zip package of generated libraries.
  • Issue 483: setFields are now overridden.
  • Issue 387: Created an isX() method for boolean parameters.
  • Issue 515: Generated service-specific libraries now use rootUrl rather than baseUrl.
  • Issue 518: Added Maven archtype catalog.
  • Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.10.
  • Updated to google-oauth-java-client version 1.10.

Version 1.9.0-beta

May 18, 2012


Version 1.8.0-beta

April 4, 2012


Version 1.7.0-beta

Mar 12, 2012


  • Issue 2: Resumable media upload is now supported.
  • Issue 365: Updated to the latest OAuth 2.0 (draft 23).
  • Issue 338: Support for client_secrets.json has been added.
  • Issue 406: Google ID Tokens based on JSON Web Tokens is now supported.
  • Issue 321: Asserting identity on Google App Engine to Google APIs is now supported.
  • Issue 140: Exponential backoff is now supported.

  • Improvements to the surface of the service-specific generated libraries:

  • Issue 306: Top level schema classes which are arrays are now generated correctly.

  • Issue 304: Inner classes for unnamed objects.
  • Issue 359: OAuth 2.0 scopes are now generated.
  • Library version now includes a revision number, e.g. “rev2", that indicates a revision of the API without changing the version.
  • Issue 407: Split and renamed extension projects to be more intuitive.
  • Issue 352: Deprecated classes/methods/fields from version 1.6 have been removed.
  • Updated to google-http-java-client version 1.7.
  • Updated to google-oauth-java-client version 1.7.

Version 1.6.0-beta

Nov 8, 2011


Version 1.5.1-beta

Oct 25, 2011

Bugs Fixed:
Issue 329: Update pom.xml to point to google-http-java-client 1.5.3-beta and google-oauth-java-client 1.5.2-beta
Issue 325: Add Javadoc that refreshToken can be null in GoogleAccessProtectedResource
Please take a look at the Javadoc.

Version 1.5.0-beta

Sep 19, 2011

Announcing the release of the new Google HTTP Client Library for Java and Google OAuth Client Library for Java split off from the Google API Client Library for Java! These are the core package that work with any HTTP REST, OAuth 1.0a or OAuth 2.0 (draft 10) service on the web.

For more details, please take a look at our blog post on the Google Code Blog, "Google API Client Library for Java: now with OAuth 2.0".

Version 1.4.1-beta

May 7, 2011