public class AutoMLImageLabelerRemoteModel extends RemoteModel

Describes an AutoML image labeler remote model to be downloaded to the device.

If download(RemoteModel, DownloadConditions) failed for this model, the returned Task will contain an MlKitException with error code for various failure scenarios. 1. UNAVAILABLE will be thrown if you don't declare dependency on SDK. 2. INVALID_ARGUMENT will be thrown if GCM sender id is not set in FirebaseOptions. 3. UNAVAILABLE will be thrown if remote server is not available. 4. RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED will be thrown if the quota is used up. 5. NETWORK_ISSUE will be thrown if it fails to connect to remote server. 6. NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE will be thrown is there is not enough space on device. 7. INTERNAL will be thrown for other failures. Please check the error message for details.

Nested Class Summary

class AutoMLImageLabelerRemoteModel.Builder Builder of AutoMLImageLabelerRemoteModel

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