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public final class DynamicLink extends Object

Contains Builders for constructing Dynamic Links. Returned by DynamicLink.Builder.buildDynamicLink() with the constructed Dynamic Link.

Nested Class Summary

class DynamicLink.AndroidParameters Android parameters. 
class DynamicLink.Builder Builder for creating Dynamic Links. 
class DynamicLink.GoogleAnalyticsParameters Google Analytics parameters. 
class DynamicLink.IosParameters iOS parameters. 
class DynamicLink.ItunesConnectAnalyticsParameters iTunes Connect App Analytics parameters. 
class DynamicLink.NavigationInfoParameters Navigation info parameters. 
class DynamicLink.SocialMetaTagParameters Social meta-tag parameters. 

Public Method Summary

Gets the Uri for this Dynamic Link.

Inherited Method Summary

Public Methods

public Uri getUri ()

Gets the Uri for this Dynamic Link.

IllegalArgumentException if the FDL domain is not set. Set with DynamicLink.Builder.setDynamicLinkDomain(String).