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public class FirebaseAuthWebException extends FirebaseAuthException

Thrown when a web operation couldn't be completed.

This could happen in the following cases:

  • ERROR_WEB_CONTEXT_ALREADY_PRESENTED thrown when another web operation is still in progress.
  • ERROR_WEB_CONTEXT_CANCELED thrown when the pending operation was canceled by the user.
  • ERROR_WEB_STORAGE_UNSUPPORTED thrown when the browser is not supported, or when 3rd party cookies or data are disabled in the browser.
  • ERROR_WEB_INTERNAL_ERROR when there was a problem that occurred inside of the web widget that hosts the operation. Details should always accompany this message.
Inspect the error code and message to find out the specific cause.

Resolve this exception by waiting for the in-progress operation to complete, or by asking the user to try signing-in via the web context again.

Public Constructor Summary

FirebaseAuthWebException(String errorCode, String detailMessage)

Inherited Method Summary

Public Constructors

public FirebaseAuthWebException (String errorCode, String detailMessage)