public final class NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Builder extends Object

Builder to create a NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.

Public Methods

public NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Builder setDetailedReason (String detailedReason)

Sets any additional information about why the ProxyCard transaction failed. This field should only be set with a corresponding NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Status.Error status.

public NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Builder setGoogleTransactionId (String googleTransactionId)

Sets Google's unique identifier for this transaction. This field is required and must be identical to the value returned in an earlier FullWallet in the same transaction.

public NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Builder setStatus (int status)

Sets the status received from processing the ProxyCard in a FullWallet response. This field is required and must be one of the values in NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Status or NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Status.Error.