public final class FullWalletRequest.Builder extends Object
   ↳ com.google.android.gms.wallet.FullWalletRequest.Builder

Builder to create a FullWalletRequest.

Public Methods

public FullWalletRequest build ()

public FullWalletRequest.Builder setCart (Cart cart)

Sets the shopping cart. This field is required unless this request is for a billing agreement. If this request is for a billing agreement, this field is inapplicable and should not be set.

public FullWalletRequest.Builder setGoogleTransactionId (String googleTransactionId)

Sets Google's unique identifier for this transaction. This field is required and must be identical to the value returned in an earlier MaskedWallet in the same transaction.

public FullWalletRequest.Builder setMerchantTransactionId (String merchantTransactionId)

Sets an optional merchant identifier for the transaction. The value will be echoed back in FullWallet, but is not otherwise used by the Wallet API.