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public abstract class CancellationToken extends Object

Propagates notification that operations should be canceled.

Developers writing methods that return a Task should take a CancellationToken as a parameter if they wish to make the Task cancelable (see below code snippet). A CancellationToken can only be created by creating a new instance of CancellationTokenSource. CancellationToken is immutable and must be canceled by calling CancellationTokenSource.cancel() on the CancellationTokenSource that creates it. It can only be canceled once. If canceled, it should not be passed to future operations.

When CancellationTokenSource.cancel() is called, all the Tasks with the CancellationToken from that CancellationTokenSource will be canceled. This operation only flags those Tasks as canceled, and the API author is responsible for stopping whatever the Task is actually doing to free up the resources.

Cancellable Task example:

 public Task<Integer> doSomething(CancellationToken token) {

   // Attach a listener that will be called once cancellation is requested.
   token.onCanceledRequested(new OnTokenCanceledListener() {
     public void onCanceled() {
       // Some other operations to cancel this Task, such as free resources...

   final TaskCompletionSource<Integer> tcs = new TaskCompletionSource<>(token);

   // do something...


 CancellationTokenSource cts = new CancellationTokenSource();
 Task<Integer> task = doSomething(cts.getToken());
Cancellable Task example in Activity context:
 public class MyActivity extends Activity {
   // ...

   public void onStart() {

     // Typically use one cancellation source per lifecycle.
     cancellationSource = new TaskCancellationSource();

     // That source's token can be passed to multiple calls.
       .onSuccessTask(result -> doSomethingElse(result, cancellationSource.getToken()));

   public void onStop() {

Public Constructor Summary

Public Method Summary

abstract boolean
Checks if cancellation has been requested from the CancellationTokenSource.
abstract CancellationToken

Inherited Method Summary

Public Constructors

public CancellationToken ()

Public Methods

public abstract boolean isCancellationRequested ()

Checks if cancellation has been requested from the CancellationTokenSource.

  • true if cancellation is requested, false otherwise

public abstract CancellationToken onCanceledRequested (OnTokenCanceledListener listener)

listener the listener that will fire once the cancellation request succeeds.