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CalibrationConfidence Calibration confidence defined for an ExposureWindow
Infectiousness Infectiousness defined for an ExposureWindow
ReportType Report type defined for a TemporaryExposureKey
RiskLevel Risk level defined for an TemporaryExposureKey
VariantOfConcern Variant of concern defined for an TemporaryExposureKey


ExposureNotificationClient Interface for contact tracing APIs. 


DailySummariesConfig Configuration of per-day summary of exposures. 
DailySummariesConfig.DailySummariesConfigBuilder A builder for DailySummariesConfig
DailySummary Daily exposure summary to pass to client side. 
DailySummary.ExposureSummaryData Stores different scores for specific ReportType
DiagnosisKeyFileProvider Provider which holds a list of diagnosis key files and can open/supply them one by one as they are ready to be processed. 
DiagnosisKeysDataMapping Mappings from diagnosis keys data to concepts returned by the API. 
DiagnosisKeysDataMapping.DiagnosisKeysDataMappingBuilder A builder for DiagnosisKeysDataMapping
ExposureConfiguration This class is deprecated. no longer used with Exposure Windows API.  
ExposureConfiguration.ExposureConfigurationBuilder A builder for ExposureConfiguration
ExposureInformation This class is deprecated. no longer used with Exposure Window API.  
ExposureInformation.ExposureInformationBuilder A builder for ExposureInformation
ExposureNotificationStatusCodes Status codes for nearby contact tracing results. 
ExposureSummary This class is deprecated. no longer used with Exposure Window API.  
ExposureSummary.ExposureSummaryBuilder A builder for ExposureSummary
ExposureWindow A duration of up to 30 minutes during which beacons from a TEK were observed. 
ExposureWindow.Builder Builder for ExposureWindow. 
PackageConfiguration Holds configuration values that can be passed onto the client app after it has finished installing via ExposureNotificationClient.getPackageConfiguration()
PackageConfiguration.PackageConfigurationBuilder A builder for PackageConfiguration
ScanInstance Information about the sighting of a TEK within a BLE scan (of a few seconds). 
ScanInstance.Builder Builder for ScanInstance. 
TemporaryExposureKey A key generated for advertising over a window of time. 
TemporaryExposureKey.TemporaryExposureKeyBuilder A builder for TemporaryExposureKey


ExposureNotificationStatus Detail status for exposure notification service.