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public final class UserAddressRequest extends AbstractSafeParcelable
implements Parcelable

Object that encapsulates a request to requestUserAddress(GoogleApiClient, UserAddressRequest, int). If your app only allows addresses in certain countries, then you can use this object to specify these countries and the API will only return an address if it is an applicable country. If you do not specify any countries, then it will be assumed that there are no restrictions.

Nested Class Summary

class UserAddressRequest.Builder Builder for creating a UserAddressRequest

Inherited Constant Summary

Field Summary

public static final Creator<UserAddressRequest> CREATOR

Public Method Summary

static UserAddressRequest.Builder
writeToParcel(Parcel out, int flags)

Inherited Method Summary


public static final Creator<UserAddressRequest> CREATOR

Public Methods

public static UserAddressRequest.Builder newBuilder ()

public void writeToParcel (Parcel out, int flags)