Contains data classes for turn-based multiplayer functionality.


OnTurnBasedMatchUpdateReceivedListener Listener invoked when an update to a turn-based match is received. 
TurnBasedMatch Data interface for turn-based specific match functionality. 
TurnBasedMultiplayer Entry point for turn-based multiplayer functionality. 
TurnBasedMultiplayer.CancelMatchResult Result delivered when the match has been canceled. 
TurnBasedMultiplayer.InitiateMatchResult Result delivered when match has been initiated. 
TurnBasedMultiplayer.LeaveMatchResult Result delivered when the player has left the match. 
TurnBasedMultiplayer.LoadMatchesResult Result delivered when matches have been loaded. 
TurnBasedMultiplayer.LoadMatchResult Result delivered when a turn-based match has been loaded. 
TurnBasedMultiplayer.UpdateMatchResult Result delivered when match has been updated. 


LoadMatchesResponse Response object containing the data requested in a loadMatchesByStatus(GoogleApiClient, int, int[]) call. 
TurnBasedMatchBuffer EntityBuffer implementation containing TurnBasedMatch details. 
TurnBasedMatchConfig Configuration for creating a new turn-based match. 
TurnBasedMatchConfig.Builder Builder class for TurnBasedMatchConfig
TurnBasedMatchEntity Data object representing the data for a turn-based match.