Contains data classes for real-time multiplayer functionality.


RealTimeMessageReceivedListener Listener for message received callback, which is called when the client receives a message from a peer. 
RealTimeMultiplayer Entry point for real-time multiplayer functionality. 
RealTimeMultiplayer.ReliableMessageSentCallback The listener for callback that is called when a reliable message is sent successfully. 
Room Data interface for room functionality. 
RoomStatusUpdateListener Listener invoked when the status of a room, status of its participants or connection status of the participants has changed. 
RoomUpdateListener The listener invoked when the state of the room has changed. 


RealTimeMessage Message received from participants in a real-time room, which is passed to the client. 
RoomConfig Configuration for a new room. 
RoomConfig.Builder Builder class for RoomConfig
RoomEntity Data object representing the data for a room.