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Contains data classes for multiplayer functionality.


Multiplayer.InvitationSortOrder Sort order of multiplayer invitations. 


Invitation Data interface for an invitation object. 
Invitations This interface is deprecated. Use InvitationsClient instead  
Invitations.LoadInvitationsResult This interface is deprecated. InvitationBuffer is returned directly in the InvitationsClient.  
Multiplayer This interface is deprecated. Real-time multiplayer and Turn-based multiplayer support is being shut down on March 31, 2020. See Multiplayer deprecation  
OnInvitationReceivedListener This interface is deprecated. Use InvitationCallback.  
Participant Data interface for multiplayer participants. 
Participatable Interface defining methods for an object which can have participants. 


InvitationBuffer AbstractDataBuffer implementation containing Invitation data. 
InvitationCallback Callback to invoke when a new invitation is received. 
InvitationEntity Data object representing the data for a multiplayer invitation. 
ParticipantBuffer AbstractDataBuffer implementation containing match participant data. 
ParticipantEntity Data object representing a Participant in a match. 
ParticipantResult Data class used to report a participant's result in a match. 
ParticipantUtils Utilities for working with multiplayer participants.