Contains data classes for multiplayer functionality.


Invitation Data interface for an invitation object. 
Invitations Entry point for invitations functionality. 
Invitations.LoadInvitationsResult Result delivered when invitations have been loaded. 
Multiplayer Common constants/methods for multiplayer functionality. 
OnInvitationReceivedListener Listener to invoke when a new invitation is received. 
Participant Data interface for multiplayer participants. 
Participatable Interface defining methods for an object which can have participants. 


InvitationBuffer EntityBuffer implementation containing Invitation data. 
InvitationEntity Data object representing the data for a multiplayer invitation. 
ParticipantBuffer AbstractDataBuffer implementation containing match participant data. 
ParticipantEntity Data object representing a Participant in a match. 
ParticipantResult Data class used to report a participant's result in a match. 
ParticipantUtils Utilities for working with multiplayer participants.