ChannelIdValue The Channel ID value used by the browser to communicate with the origin. 
ClientData ClientData is sent from the FIDO Client to the relying party, and its hash will be sent back from the relying party to the Client for verifying the signature on both registration and authentication responses. 
ClientData.Builder Builder for ClientData
Error Represents a U2F Error object. 
ErrorResponseData Represents a U2F Error Response Data object. 
KeyHandle An object representing a Security Key key handle and associated attributes. 
RegisteredKey Represents a previously registered U2F Key. 
RegisterRequest Represents a register request from the server. 
RegisterRequestParams Params for a registration request. 
RegisterRequestParams.Builder Builds RegisterRequestParams. 
RegisterResponseData A utility class to produce a U2F RegisterResponse object. 
RequestParams Interface representing FIDO U2F request parameters. 
ResponseData Interface representing a U2F response. 
SignRequestParams Params for a signature request. 
SignRequestParams.Builder Builds SignRequestParams. 
SignResponseData A utility class to produce a U2F SignResponse object. 


ChannelIdValue.ChannelIdValueType The type of value stored by this ChannelIdValue. 
ErrorCode Error codes defined by the FIDO U2F API. 
ProtocolVersion U2F protocol versions  


ChannelIdValue.UnsupportedChannelIdValueTypeException Exception thrown when an unsupported or unrecognized ChannelIdValueType is encountered. 
ProtocolVersion.UnsupportedProtocolException Exception thrown when an unsupported or unrecognized protocol version is encountered.