public abstract class RequestParams extends Object
implements Parcelable Parcelable
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Interface representing FIDO U2F request parameters.

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abstract Set<Uri>
abstract Uri
abstract ChannelIdValue
abstract String
abstract List<RegisteredKey>
abstract Integer
abstract Double

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Public Constructors

public RequestParams ()

Public Methods

public abstract Set<Uri> getAllAppIds ()

  • All appIds claimed by this request, including default one in global request, and appIds in individual challenges, if available.

public abstract Uri getAppId ()

  • Default appId in global request.

public abstract ChannelIdValue getChannelIdValue ()

public abstract String getDisplayHint ()

  • The display hint (if any) that is displayed to the user.

public abstract List<RegisteredKey> getRegisteredKeys ()

public abstract Integer getRequestId ()

public abstract Double getTimeoutSeconds ()