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ADC 2 Top 200 Gallery: Media


icon Buzz Deck
BuzzDeck is the quick and easy way to get all the web content you care about most. Flick through your daily hit of favourite news topics. And get Twitter & Facebook updates alongside. BuzzDeck learns what you like and recommends cool new stuff. Simple, elegant & fast. NB: No landscape mode yet.
icon SPB TV
SPB TV is a highly usable IP-TV solution, optimized to run on mobile devices. SPB TV provides users with lots of channels in multiple languages with easy-to-use features and settings. No subscription fee! Requires a reliable 3G or WiFi network connection for proper streaming. Full-featured 60-days trial.
icon FxCamera
FxCamera enables you to take a picture with various effects. - ToyCam (Toy Camera Emulator) - Polandroid - Fisheye - Warhol (Andy Warhol-izer) - Normal *this app requires SD card*
icon Time-Lapse
Easily shoot your own timelapse videos! This app allows you to shoot video that plays back at up to 30 frames per second at resolutions from 176x144 to 2048x1536 (HD). Videos are saved directly as .mov files on your device and may be uploaded to YouTube or played back in VLC Media Player.
icon Citizenside
Citizenside offers technologies for media outlets to develop their own Citizen Witnessing community. With our Android application you will get news straight from the ground, from your own community in your region or around the world. Try our Android App and check our websites : /
icon Uloops
Discover a powerful music composition environment. Make hi-quality tracks using three concepts: Song, Loop and Devices (including Synthesizers, Drum Machines and Modulators). Publish your songs in our community and adapt the work from others to your compositions.
icon Grooveshark Mobile
Grooveshark Mobile is the mobile counterpart to the online streaming-music service Grooveshark. Grooveshark lets music fans search for and listen to songs, manage playlists, and enjoy radio-style playback of all types of music. This app brings a synchronized music experience between users' computers and mobile devices.
icon TuneMagic
Make music via TuneMagic! Create tunes using voice/text/picture/math/Dynotes drum/Mozart's Dice/your notes Then set the tempo/# of repeats & play the tune with 100+ instruments With the tune, see Piano Roll; save/set as ringtone/alarm/notification/music Details/How-to/Terminology in FAQ PRESS COMPOSE TO UPDATE CHANGES
icon ChordBot
ChordBot lets you create and play chord progressions on your phone. Use it for songwriting experiments, as accompaniment for instrumental solos, or just for fun. Has a range of different comping styles and supports most common chord types.
icon PocketDJ
PocketDJ is an app which simulates a real DJ two discs turntable and enables you to scratch and mix 2 discs in the same time. Put a disc on the table and use your fingers to play with discs, loop or CUE them! Use the central fader to balance from left to right and control volumes. It plays mp3 or third party intents.Enjoy!
icon MicroJam
A simple loop based music sequencer/remixer. Comes preloaded with 1 'JamPack' in the house style. More 'JamPacks' will be made available in the near future.
icon How-To Videos from
Howcast for Android shows you fun, useful how-to videos wherever you happen to be. Need a recipe while you're cooking a particular dish? Desperate to learn how to jump start your car? The Howcast for Android app will show you a video that will show you how. You can even navigate the video step-by-step using our player!
icon Mowsic Midi-Over-Wireless
A MIDI-Over-Wireless app that allows to use the Android Mobile as a virtual MIDI Controller. It uses the input methods and gestures of the Android in a creative way in order to control remote devices like keyboards, light systems, dj&audio software, etc.. It is bundled with several consoles. Check for details
icon Photo BURST
The most advanced photo gallery application for Android : - full 360° rotation - tree folder hierarchical view - zoomable thumbnails - swipe to next picture - double tap to circular zoom, scroll to pan - stunning slideshows (zoom n’ pan, collage, transitions) - exif + map display + link to Google Maps - 1-click upload Facebook / Twitter / Flickr etc. - fully customizable - much more including multitouch, hidden, secure folders coming soon
icon aPortaDrum
aPortaDrum allows you to play using the Android phone as an imaginary drumstick. With two phones, you can even play with a "drumstick" in each hand. Hauling a heavy drum set around is exhausting and inefficient. With aPortaDrum, you have a virtual drum set right in your pocket.
icon Spectral Audio Analyzer
Free real-time audio analyser with 8 kHz spectral bandwidth. Display any sort of audio from the microphone as a coloured spectrogram. Identify environmental noise, search for annoying tones, view harmonic patterns of instruments and voices, analyse the frequency range of your speaker... . Bugreports to:
icon Mediafly Mobile
Mediafly Mobile is your way to organize and discover podcasts, shows, radio & streams from your Android device. - Full offline support: download, podcatcher, or stream - Intelligent search - Personalize your lists - Many Popular Channels to start - Sync across devices (e.g. iPhone) - Exclusive content partners (, CNET, etc.)
icon PrivateMedia
Worried about the privacy about your content on your phone? Privacy Media is the key to it. This is a fantastic application that allows users to password protect the files on their phone. Users can hide images, audio, video and other files. Simply select the files from the folder you want to secure. That's it! Similarly to open the files enter the password. You can even preview the locked image files.
icon musikCube
musikCube is an application that streams your own music from a small server (musikServer) that you install on you desktop/server computer. There is also a "workout mode" that selects music with the same pace that the phone moves in. The server can be downloaded from
icon Tesla - PC Remote Control
Tesla is a PC media player remote control app for the Android platform. Designed for Linux distributions like Ubuntu, it interacts with the music and video players on your PC over a Wifi network. - visit
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