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ADC 2 Top 200 Gallery: Arcade/Action

Games: Arcade/Action

icon Speed Forge 3D
Speed Forge: Heavy duty hover vehicles, normally used for mining are now seen in illegal races organized in abondoned factories and dark Marsian alleys. The rock crushing explosives once used in these machines now serve a different purpose...
icon Graviturn
Tilt your phone to move the red circles out of the screen while keeping the green circles. Infinite levels from very easy to nearly impossible. Compare your performance with other players after each level (online highscore and statistics).
icon Moto X Mayhem
Jump, lean, and race through seven levels of amazing motorbike action in the best side scrolling bike game! Lean forward and back on your motorbike as you climb hills and fly through the air using accelerometer technology. Witness realistic physics as your shocks recoil when you land jumps! Or just flick your rider around!!
icon JumpyBall 3D
Ride the bouncing ball! Use the accelerometer to guide your ball through the 3D levels. Your ball can jump to and from platforms, but don't fall into the water! The hardest way is often the quickest. Do you like challenges? Try the Hardcore mode, and submit your score on the online Hall of Fame! Good luck!
icon 4 Player Reactor
Clean, fast and educative reaction game for up to four players! Challenge your friends in 8 different modes: - React when word matches color - React when capital matches country - 3 items are the same - Mouse can get the cheese - Equation is correct and more! 4 difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane.
icon PhotoShoot - The Duel
"PhotoShoot - The Duel" brings you tomorrow's gaming experience today. It's a hyper modern version of the historic Wild West Duel. It uses: - the available sensors to detect your movements - much like the WiiMote - the augmented reality as your playfield - the camera to shoot your bullets - face detection to evaluate shots - QR based pairing of the phones - supports WiFi and 3G (and soon Bluetooth)
icon Head To Head Racing
Car racing game. Race against other Android phone users. Winner takes the car! Steering is done using the accelerometer. Race with people all around the world or create private races with your friends. 8 vehicles and 32 tracks on asphalt, dirt, and snow. Vehicles with nitros boost. Career mode with vehicle progress locks.
icon Radiant
Take your stand against the alien horde in a pure arcade/action space shooter. Cut through hundreds of creeps to face giant monsters in unique bossfights. Collect special weapons and power-ups, upgrade your ship and save your homeworld! Relive the classics revamped.
icon GangWars
Unleash the desire to become Mafia Don by bringing others into your gang and spreading your influence throughout the world. Features: 1. Free graphically-enabled, immersive massive multiplayer online mafia game for Android 2. Pimp your mafia with weapons , armors, and vehicles 3. Fight online with other people
icon Bazooka Rabbit Demo
Bazooka Rabbit is a fantastic adventure. The challenge is to reach the final surprise. You have to shoot balls trying to link together more than 2 balls with the same color in order to make them explode. But be careful, balls can reach you and then you die. You have 4 lives. There are normal balls with several colors and others with special powers you have to discover. Every level grows the difficulty up, so you have to be very brave to reach the final level. Good Luck and Enjoy! Many thanks to everyone who voted for Bazooka Rabbit!
icon Light Racer 3D Trial
Futuristic motorcycles race to the death in a 3D arena. This is a twitch arcade-style game with full 3D features and effects. Play your friends head-to-head on multiple phones using the multiplayer feature. Play from directly behind your racer for insane action! Trial contains all features but is limited to 5 levels.
icon FRG
Pilot your robot into battle against advancing enemy hordes in this exclusive arcade shooter for Android. Unlock bazookas, missile launchers, and more as you fight through 16 levels of difficult challenges. Win achievements to customize your robot's speed, armor, and power. Submit your scores and compete with other pilots from around the world via the Online Leaderboards! Try FRG today! FRG features: 16 Levels of Intense Robot Action; 6 Destructive Weapons; 4 Customizable Robots; 20+ Achievements; Online Leaderboards; Smooth graphics and a retro-soundtrack
icon Spheremare
Spheremare is a arcade shooting game. Take your gun and go shoot some spheres. Collect bonuses and coins, do combos, buy and improve your weapons and skills.
icon Atmosphere: Trainer
This is an early look at an exciting new space game for Android. Navigate your ship to collect green spheres and deliver them to blue rings, all while flying through a dynamic asteroid field. Are you ready? Look for the release of Vacuum in the coming months, a worldwide competition based on this game with the opportunity to win cash prizes! Check for the latest and greatest Android games to come...
icon Atomic Blaster
Aliens are attacking your homeland. Too bad, there is no hero around except you! Take your ship and show those invaders some Laser Blast! Atomic Blaster is an action-packed, breath-taking spaceshooting simulation.
icon Subzero Challenge
Freeze your enemies to death, unfreeze your friends and lead your team to a victory in Subzero Challenge Mobile Multiplayer 3D Arena Shooter. Control the game using traditional controls or grab your phone, go outside and let your robot character to repeat your movements, bringing trans reality into experience to the game.
icon ProjectINF
Android's first true real-time, online, multiplayer game. Features: -- True real-time gameplay -- Up to 24 players in a single game -- Multiple character types -- Customizable character stats -- Multiple maps and game modes -- Music and sound effects -- Friends list and chatroom -- Over 25 items and abilities -- Lots more
icon Stroids
Inspired by an aged classic with a powerful new game engine, Stroids is a constant battle for survival. Game statistics, achievements, unlockables, and high score tables will keep you busy as you fire endlessly from your ship in the battlefield of your handheld screen.
icon Space STG - Galactic Wars
Space STG is a realtime strategy. In this game You can Conquer planets! Extend planets! Build buildings(ex. Crystal mine), units(ex. light fighter), technology(ex. power of nuclear missle) and defence(defence layer on planet). With all this things You will be fight with enemy. 32 things to buy! A lot of hours of fun! Enjoy!
icon Runes MMORPG - Alpha release
Discover the faery world of RUNES, the Android MMORPG and live an adventure like never before. Uncover the secrets of magic in arena battles and free the power within by drawing runes directly on your phone to combine them into amazing spells. But never forget that only tactics will grant you victory. The adventure begins!
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