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ADC 2 Top 200 Gallery: Education/Reference


icon Plink Art
Plink Art is an app for identifying, discovering and sharing art. Take a photo of a painting, and the Plink Art servers will try to identify it. You can also browse our database of artwork by keyword or timeline and share your discoveries with friends.
icon Word Puzzle
The Word Puzzle is designed to provide a fun way to learn basic English words for preschool children. Kids can study spelling and pronunciation with flash card and check achievement with word puzzle. Interesting visual and sound interaction with awarding system helps kids to keep learning. Let kids play with your Android.
icon Celeste
Wow! Put excitement back into our Solar System! Impress your friends as you locate the planets, Sun, and Moon simply by aiming your phone's camera in all directions day or night. See exactly where the Sun will rise or set. Is there a Full Moon tonight, and when will it appear over the horizon? Perhaps that bright star is actually the planet Venus? With amazing 3D graphics superimposed onto your phone's camera, you can see the planets, Sun, and Moon as they move through our sky. See the objects as they appeared in the past, or how they will align in the future such as December 21, 2012. You can even view their locations on the ceiling, walls, or floor while sitting indoors. Perfect for astronomers and photographers because Celeste provides a 24-hour time-track for each object. Kids will really enjoy learning about the Solar System in this really fun way! Celeste also displays "fun facts" in addition to detailed scientific information about each celestial object. Celeste is an awesome way to learn about the Solar System!
icon Trippo
Trippo translates any given phrase. More than that, it also speaks the phrase out with clear local language. Trippo supports more than 20 languages with audio and around 30 languages with text. With Trippo in your pocket, you will never again have any language problems wherever you go!
icon Voicetrans
Voice translator with the latest technology of english speech recognition and text to speech (5 languages). It also can send SMS to your contacts and speech your received SMS.
icon mobilematics
Never need an expensive graphics calculator again! mobilematics can be used for simple calculations to degree-level material, as well as providing a revolutionary Teacher mode. +Calculator +Converter, including currencies +Teacher mode +Graphs +Calculus +Solves equations +Statistics +Save & restore work +Much more..
icon mobiProfessor
mobiProfessor is a learning platform that gives you access to community created courses. You may download courses created by other mobiProfessor users directly to your phone, or if you have a creative side, create your own courses and share them with the community. Integration with Google Docs makes it easy to generate all the content you need without having to manually type it into the phone. mobiChallenge will test what you have learned through slow and steady and lightning round modes. Learn, share and have fun!
icon Robotic Guitarist
A guitar emulator and chord guide. Choose a set of chords and play (strum, arpeggio...). Make your phone sound as an acoustic or electric guitar, or even as a piano. Useful and fun for learners and players. Even non musicians can have a good time with it.
icon FUN2Learn
UN2Lean is a game for learning and practicing foreign languages. FUN2Lean includes 4 different mini-games that will challenge the player not only to learn the words but also their meanings. Supporting 19 languages, it is ideal for all family members of all ages desiring to learn while having fun.
icon Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab
A revolutionary new way to study. Flash of Genius uses clever algorithms that adapt to your learning style, as well as professional audio pronunciations, top-quality sample sentences and an ingenious system that uses word roots to help you learn words better, so you never forget them. Welcome to the future of studying!
icon MultiLex English Explanatory
English Explanatory dictionary contains 147.246 entries. Database is powered by Princeton University. FEATURES: • Search by voice • English audio pronunciations • English morphology to translate words in any grammatical form • Dictionary installation on memory cards • Hyperlinks between related articles • Search History
icon Botanica
Use Botanica to start growing your own food today! It helps you research the best plants for your climate and location, keeps track of plant growth with pictures and diary entries. Botanica also makes sure you don't forget to water your plants by issuing timely alerts at times you decide. Take control of your garden today!
icon Learn!
Learn! is a flashcard learning application which enables you to learn, create your own learning material and share it using nothing but your phone. It makes use of phone multimedia features allowing you to add audio and video clips as well as images to the flashcards. Redefine mobile learning with this application!
icon Manchego!
Practice your Spanish language skills in the town of Manchego. While driving through the town, you encounter numerous townsfolk dissatisfied with their oppressive mayor. Can you help them overthrow him? Throughout the game, numerous hints help you learn the language as you play.(Designed for intermediate learners)
icon Complete Memorization
Memorize anything completely. Memorization is boring, takes time and requires patience. Also you cannot be sure that you hold the fact in memory. Let this app manage memorization until the facts are completely remembered. The app will help accurately remember flashcards in the most easy and efficient way.
icon EarthTime
An application which puts you in touch with the natural global rhythm of daylight, weather, and seasons. Featuring... Globe: Amazing interactive 3D virtual Earth. Clock: Day & night, moon & stars, on a 12 or 24hr clock. With widget. Map: Real-time world satellite map of day, night, and clouds. With live wallpaper.
icon Zenith
Zenith is an intergalactic telescope. Explore the night sky by pointing your mobile phone towards the sky. Watch hundreds of stars, their constellations, and our solar system's planets. View great images of galaxies and nebulae from the Hubble Space Telescope. A search function lets you quickly find celestial objects.
icon Kanji with Picture
Kanji with Picture is an application to be able to study the Kanji. Kanji with Pictures. Kanji with Pronunciation sounds.
icon Detexify: LaTeX Recognizer
Detexify: A LaTeX symbol recognizer for Android. Detexify turns your Android-powered mobile phone into an interactive LaTeX cheat sheet. Draw a symbol into the clean interface and it'll show you a list with most similar symbols and details for each one. Shake-to-clear and data caching on sdcard further enhance usability.
icon Flu Tracker
A highly effective flu prevention and educational app for everyone during flu season. Covers all major flu viruses includes Swine(H1N1), seasonal flu, Avian and more. FEATURES * pandemic situation updates * H1N1 and Seasonal flu maps * health alerts * flu news and videos * text, audio and videos on prevention and symptoms
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