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Resource representations

An InappPurchase resource indicates the status of a user's inapp product purchase.

  "kind": "androidpublisher#inappPurchase",
  "purchaseTime": long,
  "purchaseState": integer,
  "consumptionState": integer,
  "developerPayload": string
Property name Value Description Notes
consumptionState integer The consumption state of the inapp product. Possible values are:
  1. Yet to be consumed
  2. Consumed
developerPayload string A developer-specified string that contains supplemental information about an order.
kind string This kind represents an inappPurchase object in the androidpublisher service.
purchaseState integer The purchase state of the order. Possible values are:
  1. Purchased
  2. Cancelled
purchaseTime long The time the product was purchased, in milliseconds since the epoch (Jan 1, 1970).


Checks the purchase and consumption status of an inapp item.