You can now accept Android Pay in your app or mobile site using the Google Payment API.

Branding Requirements

Please apply these guidelines when you implement Android Pay, to comply with Android Pay branding requirements and offer an optimal experience for your users.

  • Display Android Pay as a prominent payment option in your app. Screen depicting proper positioning of Android Pay button

    For users that have set up Android Pay, at every instance where the Checkout button is displayed on the shopping cart screen, offer Android Pay as the default payment method so they can check out quickly. If the user isn’t ready to use Android Pay, don’t display an Android Pay purchase button in the checkout flow.

    Best practice: Make sure to display the estimated order amount before or when you display the Android Pay button. Users prefer to know the approximate total of the order before deciding to buy.

  • If you have a Payments section in your app, list Android Pay as an accepted payment method.

    If the user is not ready to use Android Pay, a good alternative is to direct users to the Android Pay app to set up their card(s).

  • The app should display all relevant purchase information before the user confirms an order.

    This includes the order total, the user's shipping address, their email, and their payment method.

    Best practice: Ensure that users are able to edit their Android Pay payment method and shipping address. This does not have to be on the confirmation screen, but could be on a "select payment method" screen or "select shipping address" screen.

  • If you display payment information, list Android Pay as the payment method.

    When displaying payment information for an order (in your app or in confirmation emails), list the payment method as Android Pay, along with the payment description returned by the Android Pay API. Never display full account numbers, expiration dates, or any other payment method details returned by Android Pay.

  • Use only the official Android Pay button styles and logo assets in your app.

    Note: If your app uses text-only or radio buttons to list payment methods, then you may choose to display "Android Pay" in the matching text style as the other payment methods.

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