The type of a report.

REPORT_TYPE_UNKNOWN Unknown test report.
CTS Android Compatibility Test Suite.
CTS_VERIFIER Android Compatibility Test Suite Verifier.
GTS GMS Core Test Suite.
CAT CTS Auto Test Suite.
WTS Wearable Test Suite.
WTS_VERIFIER Wearable Test Suite Verifier.
TVTS TV Test Suite.
CRT Cast Ready Test.
PCTS Automotive Projected Test Suite.
VTS Vendor Test Suite (Treble).
ATS Automotive Test Suite.
ATS_VERIFIER Automotive Test Suite Verifier.
GOATS Android Go Test Suite
STS Security Test Suite
CTS_INSTANT Instant App mode of CTS
BTS Build Test Suite
BTS_V2 Athena Report (BTS v2)
ENTS Exposure Notification Test Suite.