Get started with Google Analytics

This article shows you how to configure an application to use Google Analytics. To configure a website to use Analytics, see Set up Analytics for a website and/or app.

Before you begin

Add Firebase to your Apple project and make sure that Analytics is enabled in your Firebase project:

  • If you're creating a new Firebase project, enable Analytics during the project creation workflow.

  • If you're using an existing Firebase project that doesn't have Analytics enabled, go to the Integrations tab of your > Project settings to enable it.

    When you enable Analytics in your project, your Firebase apps are linked to Analytics data streams.

(Recommended) Add the AdSupport framework to your project to enable additional features such as audiences and campaign attribution.

Add the Analytics SDK to your app

Use Swift Package Manager to install and manage Firebase dependencies.

  1. In Xcode, with your app project open, navigate to File > Add Packages.
  2. When prompted, add the Firebase Apple platforms SDK repository:
  4. Choose the Analytics library.
  5. For an optimal experience with Analytics, we recommend enabling Google Analytics in your Firebase project and adding the Firebase SDK for Google Analytics to your app. You can select either the library without IDFA collection or with IDFA collection.
  6. When finished, Xcode will automatically begin resolving and downloading your dependencies in the background.
  7. When finished, Xcode will automatically begin resolving and downloading your dependencies in the background.

Learn more about IDFA, the device-level advertising identifier, in Apple's User Privacy and Data Use and App Tracking Transparency documentation.

Next, perform some configuration steps:

  1. Import the Firebase module in your UIApplicationDelegate:


    import FirebaseCore
    import FirebaseAnalytics


    @import FirebaseCore;
    @import FirebaseAnalytics;
  2. Configure a FirebaseApp shared instance, typically in your app's application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method:


    // Use Firebase library to configure APIs


    // Use Firebase library to configure APIs
    [FIRApp configure];

(Optional) Disable Apple ad network attribution registration

For your convenience, the SDK automatically registers your app with Apple for ad network attribution with SKAdNetwork. If you wish to disable this feature, set the value of GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_REGISTRATION_WITH_AD_NETWORK_ENABLED to NO (Boolean) in your app’s info.plist file.

Next steps