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This document is intended for developers who want to write applications that can interact with the Google Affiliate Network API.

Before you start

You need a Google Account and a Google Affiliate account in order to use the Google Affiliate Network API.

This API assumes that you are familiar with the Google Affiliate Network. For more information about the Google Affiliate Network, we recommend looking at the Google Affiliate Network documentation.

About the API documentation

Version v1beta1 is the latest available version of the Google Affiliate Network API. All the functionality exposed through the API has two documents, a developers guide and a reference.

  • Developer's Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the API.
  • Reference Documentation provides detailed information about the data structures, method calls, and authentication scopes of the API.

You can access the documentation below:

API Version Feature Advertisers/Publishers Developer Guide Reference Docs
v1beta1 Advertiser Information Advertisers (self-lookup) and Publishers Getting Advertisers Advertisers Reference
v1beta1 Events and Order Detail Both Getting Events Events Reference
v1beta1 Publisher Information Advertisers and Publishers (self-lookup) Getting Publishers Publishers Reference