Note: This site explains how to integrate the Google AdWords API, which is no longer being actively developed, with v2 of the Content API for Shopping, which has been deprecated. We recommend migrating to the Google Ads API and v2.1 of the Content API for Shopping.

Set tax and shipping settings


All products must include shipping information. You can set up general shipping rules on an account-wide basis in Merchant Center or by using the Content API for Shopping. You can also set this information or override the account-wide settings on a per-product basis by adding shipping information in the uploaded product attributes.

If your Merchant Center account will be serving products for the United States, then you must first set up tax settings that will be used for products targeting the US. Otherwise, attempting to upload products for the US will fail with an error reminding you to do so.

Manual steps

  1. Set up tax settings for the US within Merchant Center as described in the Set up tax settings guide.
  2. Set up shipping settings either on an account-wide or per-product basis:

Automatic steps

The following steps use the Content API for Shopping.

  1. Set up US-related tax settings using the Accounttax service.
  2. Either set up account-wide or per-product shipping settings: