Note: This site explains how to integrate the Google AdWords API, which is no longer being actively developed, with v2 of the Content API for Shopping, which has been deprecated. We recommend migrating to the Google Ads API and v2.1 of the Content API for Shopping.

Create AdWords accounts


Regardless of the structure of manager accounts for your solution, you will need AdWords accounts to create campaigns to advertise products. This section describes how to create AdWords accounts using an AdWords manager account.

Manual steps

  1. If you don't have an AdWords manager account, follow the instructions in Create AdWords manager account.
  2. Access AdWords using your manager account credentials and navigate to the Accounts section.
  3. Click the red + Account button.
  4. Give your account a name. This is the name that the merchant will see in their managed account.

  5. Select your country and time zone. This will be used for your account reporting and billing and can't be changed later. We recommend you choose the time zone in which you work.

  6. Select a permanent currency for your account. This currency will be used for any specific billing needs for your account. We recommend you choose the currency in which you do business.

  7. Click Create account. The new account should now show up in the list of accounts under your manager account.

Automatic Steps

When creating an account via the AdWords API, you must be authenticated as a user of an existing manager account, and new accounts will be created under that manager account. If you do not already have a manager account, you should go through the manual steps to create your top level manager account prior to these steps.

  1. To create an AdWords account, use the ManagedCustomerService.
  2. Follow the instructions and examples in the Accounts Overview or the code examples distributed with the library to see how to create an AdWords account with the AdWords API.