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Google Developers Academy

Google AdWords API

Learning objectives
  • Learn about error handling and troubleshooting
  • Learn how to target ads using criteria

The AdWords API allows you to build applications that manage large and complex AdWords accounts and campaigns. The API utilizes a SOAP interface which is supported by libraries in several programming languages.

If you don't need the full capabilities of the API but still want to programatically access your AdWords account, you may get by with using JavaScript with AdWords scripts. Compared to the AdWords API, AdWords scripts is faster to get started with and requires less development resources, though of course it doesn't have all the capabilities of the AdWords API.

This course will introduce some concepts and recommended practices for using the AdWords API. This course is intended for developers who have some basic understanding of AdWords. Code examples are in Java.


  • Development Techniques

    This class teaches you how to handle errors when developing your application. There is also a troubleshooting lesson.

  • Campaign Management

    This class introduces you to the basics of managing campaigns. You will learn how to use the API to set up ads targeting.