enum FeedError.Reason (v201809)

Error reasons.

Enumeration Description
ATTRIBUTE_NAMES_NOT_UNIQUE The names of the FeedAttributes must be unique.
ATTRIBUTES_DO_NOT_MATCH_EXISTING_ATTRIBUTES The attribute list must be an exact copy of the existing list if the attribute id's are present.
CANNOT_CHANGE_ORIGIN Origin can only be set during Feed creation.
CANNOT_SPECIFY_USER_ORIGIN_FOR_SYSTEM_FEED Cannot specify USER origin for a system generated feed.
CANNOT_SPECIFY_ADWORDS_ORIGIN_FOR_NON_SYSTEM_FEED Cannot specify ADWORDS origin for a non-system generated feed.
CANNOT_SPECIFY_FEED_ATTRIBUTES_FOR_SYSTEM_FEED Cannot specify feed attributes for system feed.
CANNOT_UPDATE_FEED_ATTRIBUTES_WITH_ORIGIN_ADWORDS Cannot update FeedAttributes on feed with origin adwords.
FEED_REMOVED The given id refers to a removed Feed. Removed Feeds are immutable.
INVALID_ORIGIN_VALUE The origin of the feed is not valid for the client.
FEED_ORIGIN_IS_NOT_USER A user can only create and modify feeds with user origin.
INVALID_AUTH_TOKEN_FOR_EMAIL Invalid auth token for the given email
INVALID_EMAIL Invalid email specified
DUPLICATE_FEED_NAME Feed name matches that of another active Feed.
INVALID_FEED_NAME Name of feed is not allowed.
NEW_ATTRIBUTE_CANNOT_BE_PART_OF_UNIQUE_KEY New FeedAttributes must not effect the unique key.
TOO_MANY_FEED_ATTRIBUTES_FOR_FEED Too many FeedAttributes for a Feed.
INVALID_BUSINESS_ACCOUNT The business account is not valid.
BUSINESS_ACCOUNT_CANNOT_ACCESS_LOCATION_ACCOUNT Business account cannot access Google My Business account.
INVALID_AFFILIATE_CHAIN_ID Invalid chain id provided for affiliate location feed.
CANNOT_CHANGE_SYSTEM_FEED_GENERATION_DATA_TYPE Cannot change system feed generation data type