Should I pass back any personally identifiable information about my visitors or customers?

No. It is very important that the information that you use with the AdWords Remarketing Tag is not personally identifiable. Examples of such information include, but are not limited to, email addresses, telephone numbers, and credit card numbers. More details can be found on our Policy for advertising based on interests and location page.

Can I remove the AdWords Conversion Tag on my site now that I have implemented the AdWords Remarketing Tag?

No - the AdWords Conversion Tags and AdWords Remarketing Tags serve separate purposes and can co-exist on the same page without any problems.

Which pages should I put the AdWords Remarketing Tag on?

This will depend on your business needs, but generally we'd recommend that you put the AdWords Remarketing Tag on all pages of your site. If it is not possible to put it on every page of your site then at a minimum it should be on all pages on the conversion path (for example, landing page, product page, basket page, and conversion page).

Can I put the AdWords Remarketing Tag into a Tag Management System?

The AdWords Remarketing Tag can easily be integrated into a Tag Management System. Most of the major vendors will have support built-in to their products, but if your vendor does not, but they do provide the option to directly enter custom HTML you can use the standard tag. Please view the Tag Containers section for more information.

How do I know that I have correctly implemented the AdWords Remarketing Tag?

Please view the Verification page for details on how to verify that your AdWords Remarketing Tag is implemented correctly.

Do I need to do any conditional firing? Should I only fire the AdWords Remarketing Tag if the user clicked through from an AdWords ad?

No conditional firing or attribution-based firing is required for AdWords Remarketing Tag or AdWords Conversion Tag as it is all handled automatically at Google's servers. Conditionally firing any AdWords tags may cause both reporting and performance issues for your campaigns so we'd recommend that the tags are fired regardless of where the visitors came from - AdWords will handle the attribution automatically so you do not need to do anything special.

I am worried about load times - can I modify the tag to use async or defer?

Please do not modify the AdWords Remarketing Tag to use async or defer as this can lead to unpredictable results. We recommend that the AdWords Remarketing Tag is placed at the end of the body tag to ensure that loading of the tag should not affect the rest of the page. Alternatively it may be worth considering a tag container systems such as Google Tag Manager which can load the AdWords Remarketing Tag asynchronously.