Version 1.2 and version 1.3 of the API have been sunset, please move to version 1.4.



List all ad units connected to the specified custom channel, under the specified ad client, under the specified account.

Resource Representations

  "code": string,
  "id": string,
  "kind": "adsense#adUnit",
  "name": string,
  "status": string
Property Name Value Description
code string Identity code of this ad unit, not necessarily unique across ad clients.
id string Unique identifier of this ad unit. This should be considered an opaque identifier; it is not safe to rely on it being in any particular format.
kind string Kind of resource this is, in this case adsense#adUnit.
name string Name of this ad unit.
status string Status of this ad unit. Possible values are:

NEW: Indicates that the ad unit was created within the last seven days and does not yet have any activity associated with it.

ACTIVE: Indicates that there has been activity on this ad unit in the last seven days.

INACTIVE: Indicates that there has been no activity on this ad unit in the last seven days.

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