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Resource representations

  "kind": "adsense#savedAdStyle",
  "id": string,
  "name": string,
  "adStyle": {
    "kind": "adsense#adStyle",
    "colors": {
      "border": string,
      "title": string,
      "background": string,
      "text": string,
      "url": string
    "corners": string,
    "font": {
      "family": string,
      "size": string
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string Kind of resource this is, in this case adsense#savedAdStyle.
id string Unique identifier of this saved ad style. This should be considered an opaque identifier; it is not safe to rely on it being in any particular format.
name string The user selected name of this SavedAdStyle.
adStyle nested object The AdStyle itself.
adStyle.kind string Kind this is, in this case adsense#adStyle.
adStyle.colors object The colors which are included in the style. These are represented as six hexadecimal characters, similar to HTML color codes, but without the leading hash.
adStyle.colors.border string The color of the ad border.
adStyle.colors.title string The color of the ad title.
adStyle.colors.background string The color of the ad background.
adStyle.colors.text string The color of the ad text.
adStyle.colors.url string The color of the ad url.
adStyle.corners string The style of the corners in the ad.
adStyle.font object The font which is included in the style. string The family of the font.
adStyle.font.size string The size of the font.


List a specific saved ad style for the specified account.
List all saved ad styles in the specified account.

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