Requirements and Review Process

This document will help ensure you are ready to request an AdSense Host API review for your implementation. Before you submit your implementation for review, it must be fully functional, thoroughly tested, and ready to launch.

Your implementation will be reviewed against technical and policy requirements. The technical review verifies that your implementation meets the minimum functionality requirements and will function properly for your users. The policy review covers aspects such as information disclosure, branding, user experience, and optimization. Should changes be necessary after the review, your application will go to the back of the queue, resulting in further delay.

Note: Throughout the review process, the AdSense Host API team will need to be able to create and associate multiple AdSense accounts. You must give us access to do so without exposing AdSense sign-up to your users. All reviews occur in the sandbox; you will only point your implementation to our production servers once it has been approved.

The time from submission to final approval will vary, and may involve several rounds of feedback and changes to your implementation. The entire process typically takes a few weeks.

Implementation Requirements

Prior to submission, you must confirm that your AdSense Host API implementation meets all of the stated requirements:

Implementation Reviews

After you have verified that your implementation meets the stated requirements, send an email to with the following information:

  • "API Review for" as the subject line
  • A brief description of your product or network
  • A brief (1-5 sentence) description of how you plan to use the AdSense Host API on your site and how it will affect your users
  • The revenue percentage that you (the partner site) will receive
  • The login email address of your approved AdSense account
  • URLs, instructions, and necessary login information needed for the AdSense Host API team to reach all parts of your user interface that mention AdSense or interact with the API
  • An example URL that contains your implemented API ad code and example layout
  • A copy of the following statement: "I have read the AdSense Host API policy and technical requirements. I understand these stated requirements and my implementation meets all of them."
  • Any marketing materials you plan to use including emails, advertisements, and notifications on your site

Caution: We will not consider any applications that do not contain all of this information.

It is extremely important that you verify that you meet all technical and policy requirements before you submit your application. Failure to do so will result in considerable delays in your review process.

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