Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General
    1. What is the Google AdSense Host API?
    2. Once a user signs up, how do they manage their AdSense account?
    3. What will developers earn through the AdSense Host API?
    4. What are sandbox accounts?
  2. Policy
    1. Do I need to call the API to generate JavaScript ad code snippets? What if I just want to change a single value, such as the publisher id or a color value?
    2. How may I use the Google AdSense logo?
    3. What does the page view requirement mean to me?
    4. How will I answer my customers' questions about their AdSense account?
  3. Ad Filters
    1. How do I filter out ads that appear on my publishers' pages?
    2. Why are ads I've blocked through my AdSense account showing on my publisher's pages?
    3. Where can I learn more about how the competitive ad filter works?
  4. Host Channels
    1. How do I track API earnings by channel?
    2. What's the difference between a host channel and a regular channel?
    3. Once I've set up a custom channel, how do I add it to an ad snippet?
    4. How do I set up host channels for a given URL?
    5. Where can I find reports on my AdSense for Content Host channels?
    6. How do I use multiple host channels in a single ad snippet?
    7. How many host channels are allowed?
    8. I created the host channels I want to use. How do I make sure all my existing ad code snippets use the new host channels?
  5. Technical
    1. My publisher sandbox accounts have no data, how can I test the report service?
    2. Why aren't ads appearing using code snippets from sandbox accounts?
    3. What programming languages does the API support?
    4. Where can developers look at sample code?
  6. Support
    1. Where do I report bugs I find with the AdSense Host API?
    2. Where can I go for assistance or answers?