Google Mobile Ads SDK Beta Program

The Google Mobile Ads SDK Beta Program ("Beta") gives publishers an advanced look at the new Google Mobile Ads SDK (“Beta SDK”). Beta access offers the opportunity to test new features not in the existing Google Mobile Ads SDK ("Production SDK") and provide feedback to Google. It also allows Google to detect potential issues in the Beta SDK that have not been detected by internal testing.

Please note that while our testing has helped to minimize the risk that any undetected issues will have negative effects on ad serving or ad revenue, such effects are possible.

Beta Terms

The Beta allows you to test beta features, and as a trial program, offers you use of the Beta SDK "as is." Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions, the Google Ad Manager and AdX Order Form, or the Google Services Agreement between you and Google (as applicable), Google will have no liability (including with respect to indemnification obligations) arising out of or related to the Beta or the Beta SDK.

Participating in Beta

  • Agree to the Beta Terms and download the Beta SDK below.
  • Update your apps with the Beta SDK.
  • No other code change required (the APIs would not have changed).

Providing feedback

  • Monitor performance and provide feedback on the Google Mobile Ads SDK developer forum regarding the overall experience, unexpected behavior, and potential crashes. Please include #betasdk in the title of your posts so we can clearly identify that this feedback is for the Beta SDK.



By clicking "I agree to the Beta Terms above; download Beta SDK," you indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to the above Beta Terms and wish them to govern your participation in the Beta and your use of the Beta SDK. You also represent that you are authorized to accept the Beta Terms for your business.

Importing the Mobile Ads SDK

  1. Download and unzip the Beta SDK from the link above, and import GoogleMobileAds.framework into your project in Xcode.

  2. Add the -ObjC linker flag to Other Linker Flags in your project's build settings:

  3. Verify that your app is using this SDK version (7.31.81).

  4. Use this log message to check the version:

    NSLog(@"SDK Version: %@", [GADRequest sdkVersion]);


Due to some implementation details in the Beta SDK, there are some limitations to usage of the build when compared to the Production SDK. These limitations are:

  • The Beta SDK is larger than the Production SDK.
  • The Beta SDK has additional dependencies, including libz and libsqlite3, which will be automatically pulled into the app according to the SDK framework's modulemap.
  • You cannot subclass any GAD classes other than the native ad views: GADUnifiedNativeAdView, GADNativeAppInstallAdView, and GADNativeContentAdView.
  • You must use isKindOfClass instead of using other methods of class comparisons, such as NSClassFromString or direct pointer comparison.


What benefits does the Beta SDK provide?

The Beta SDK speeds up initialization and spends less time on the main thread when loading ads.

Can I release my app with the Beta SDK?

The Beta SDK has gone through the same QA process as the Production SDK so you can test the Beta SDK in production. However, the Beta Terms still apply.

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